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Marty Knox will be June’s Author Spotlight

A few years ago, a dynamic lady with a huge smile and a suitcase full of books joined the Joplin Writers’ Guild. She soon became the life of each meeting. As time passed, the two of us became friends. We both pursued more knowledge of our craft and found ourselves belonging to four writers groups together.

It’s my honor to introduce you to my friend, Mystery Writer Marty Knox.

Get to Know Marty Knox

Have you wanted to visit Northern Arizona? Welcome to Black Mesa. Here is your armchair chance. Share the adventures of Minerva Doyle, cyber-sleuth, and Michael Doyle, retired ATF, who live in a small town in northern Arizona on old Route 66. They meet new friends, solve mysteries, and save innocent victims from villains.

Look inside Murder at the Black Mesa Café, then relax with a classic mystery you can’t put down. Isn’t one-click amazing? Grab a big bottle of cold water (it’s a dry heat), sweet tea, or ice coffee (yes, it will cool you off.). Relax in a comfy chair and turn up the AC.

The first star on the left is waiting for you. As Mame says: “Life is a banquet.” I add, so our books devoured by lucky you. Never in human history has it been easier to enjoy a good story, whether 3000 years old or just written today. Experience and adventure, faraway places, and meet interesting characters. Never stop reading.

I’m a retired math teacher and computer science instructor. On the journey to a bachelor’s degree, I majored in math, geology, and art. Plus, I minored in marketing, graphic arts, network design, computer science, English as a Second Language, Spanish, computer programming, and other subjects I found interesting. However, I was on the 24-year graduation plan, working full-time, raising kids, and going to college one class at a time. I never gave up. Then, I took three years for Masters (math), and no amount of money would tip me to get a doctorate after writing a thesis.

Believing in lifelong learning, I’m a member of professional writing groups: SINC, Sleuths Ink, Ozarks Writers League, Ozarks Romance Authors, and Joplin Writer’s Guild. Also, a member of AEA in and NEA.

Want to learn more about Arizona? Ask me. I lived there for 38 years and loved every minute. I explore small Arizona towns in the winter. Summer, I live in a small village of 675 people in rural Missouri. Stop by Cookies Café, and I’ll treat you to a piece of pie.

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I am available for TED talks on: The Golden Age of Mysteries: Women Writers from WW1 through WW2 The Heroines Journey:3-Act Structure in Classical Mythology and Fairy Tales How to Protect Yourself from Trolls, Hackers, and Identity Thieves How to Use Pinterest to Storyboard Your Novel How to Use Scrivener to Outline Your Novel How to Use Dragon Naturally Speaking to Dictate a Rough Draft of Your Novel How to Use Pro-Write to Edit your Novel for an Editor How to Format Your Novel using KISS How to Publish World Wide in 180 English Speaking Countries How to Use 5 Basic HTML tags to Enhance Your Author Central Pages

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