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Making Cinnamon Rolls was a Great Way to Spend My Morning

I made cinnamon rolls this morning. When I say that, I mean I made them from scratch. After spending $40.00 to buy yeast online, I thought I should reward myself by using some of it to make something I love.

Cinnamon rolls have always been special to me. My dad used to make them. It was one of the few things he baked when I was little, and they were a rare treat. I had an aunt who made them, but there was something special about Dad’s. Perhaps it was the cinnamon he used or how long he kneaded the dough. I don’t know.

I haven’t made these sweet treats in many years. I may not have made them since I moved away from Mom and Dad’s house. I truly don’t remember. Making the dough isn’t a problem, but rolling the dough up full of cinnamon, nutmeg, and butter takes a little practice.

I made a horrible mess all over my stove-top, which is where I do my best dough making. The filling, or as I like to it – the goody, squirted out on my rolling mat and burners because I’d put it too close to the edges.

I wish I’d thought to take a picture of the mess, but my instinct was to clean it up as quickly as possible. The whole thing reminded me of my early culinary adventures. I’ve made some big messes in my time.

Sugary mess notwithstanding, I’m pleased with the way my cinnamon rolls turned out. I didn’t get them cut uniformly, so there were various sizes. An accident, but a happy one. My drizzling skills are a bit rusty, but each roll received icing. I was able to share them with a few very special people who don’t often get homemade sweets. They were well received.

Baking is one way I deal with my stress and find my zen. Bread products are the best foods to bake when I want to think because they’re so labor intensive. It’s much more of a workout than you might think. Everyone should knead dough at least once.

My next batch will be neater and more symmetrical, but my satisfaction at turning flour, milk, yeast, and other innocuous ingredients into something delicious will be the same.

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