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Larry Wood Will be the March Author Spotlight

Eleven years ago, I followed my sister into a room full of strangers. I had no idea at that time how much this unassuming group would come to mean to me. The Joplin Writers’ Guild has offered education, emotional support, wisdom, and camaraderie. They welcomed me as one of their own and never once told me to give up my dream.

There was a man at the meeting who had a stack of books in front of him. When it was his turn to speak, he told us how one book was just released, he was giving a presentation on another book, and a couple books had received awards. Then he gave us the details of his work in progress. That man was Larry Wood, and he cemented my resolve to start writing again that day.

I’m blessed to count him among my friends, which is why I’m so excited to announce that Ozarks Maven’s March Author Spotlight will feature Larry Wood. I’ll post it on Thursday, March 5, 2020. Here’s a little about him to whet your appetite for his interview.

Larry Wood is a retired public school teacher and a freelance writer specializing in local and regional history. He has published two historical novels, eighteen nonfiction history books, and approximately 500 magazine stories and articles. He has also contributed short stories to several anthologies, including the popular Mysteries of the Ozarks series.

Wood has won numerous writing awards from organizations like the Missouri Writers Guild and the Ozarks Writers League. In 2011, he received the Walter Williams Award, given by the Missouri Writers Guild for best major work, and he has won the same organization’s Show-Me Award for best book about Missouri four times. Wood, who is the current president of the Joplin Writers’ Guild, was named an honorary lifetime member of the Missouri Writers Guild in 2016. He maintains a blog on Missouri and Ozarks history at

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