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Kindness is still alive in the Ozarks.

I had a flat tire yesterday. It was fine when I drove to work, but flat by 10:00 a.m. I had no idea it had deflated until one of my contractors came into my office. He said, “Your left rear tire is really low, almost flat. I’m telling you this because it’s about to storm, and I don’t want you having a wreck.” He went on advise me of the storm forecasted for the afternoon.


I don’t usually leave work for lunch. I’m one of those people who take leftovers, soup, or a sandwich for lunch nearly every day. I save a great deal of money by not eating out. So, I wouldn’t have even gone to my car until time to go home. It’s dark when I come to work and dark when I go home. While I would have noticed the difference in the way my car drove, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the flat until I started down the road.

Knowing that I had a situation, I ate my meatloaf sandwich in record time and then dealt with my tire on my lunch break. My tire only had 10 PSI (pounds per square inch) when I tested it. I normally run 35 PSI, so this was surprising. It took a little while to bring my pressure back up, and I’m really glad I rectified the situation in the daylight before it started raining.

I told my coworkers about my lunchtime adventure and mentioned that I really needed to get to a tire shop. One of my friends went out and checked my tire for obvious nails, screws, or other sharp objects.

I’m extremely grateful to my contractor for notifying me of the problem and to my friend for helping me look for a cause. Neither person had to offer assistance. My situation wasn’t dire by any means. Both people were being kind. The simple kindnesses in life are what make living pleasant.

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