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Keto is an Adventure

I’ve been doing the Keto diet for a couple of weeks now. Due to my health condition, I’ve been watching my carbohydrate consumption for several years. On my regular meal plan, I’m allowed 40 grams of carbohydrate per meal. On this new Keto plan, I’m only allowed 20 grams of carbohydrate per day. It’s quite a difference.

The fist week I was on Keto, I lost seven pounds and six inches overall. The second week, everything stood still. I’m beginning my third week now. We’ll see how things progress. The most important thing is that another set of my numbers improved, which is good for my health condition.

In an effort to celebrate the birthday of one of my friends who is also making this lifestyle change, I made a Keto birthday cake. I’ve never produced anything so disgusting from my kitchen in my entire life. That cake was well and truly terrible.

I didn’t have everything for which the recipe called, so I substituted other Keto friendly ingredients. It was a bad idea. I learned to follow those recipes to the letter. I wasted about $10.00 worth of ingredients and spent a good two hours working on the cake.

The awful taste wasn’t the worst part, though. I made a glaze, again substituting what I thought would work. The glaze soaked through the cake and pooled at the bottom. But wait, that’s not all.

My cake taker is missing a latch, but I thought nothing of it and put it in the front seat of my car. I didn’t realize there was a potential mess until around lunch time when I noticed the bottom of the cake take was sticky.

I rushed out to my car and found the glaze had pooled in my front seat and leaked through to the back floorboard. The worst part is the glaze contained three tablespoons of lemon juice.

I had the nastiest, stickiest mess you could imagine. I ran inside and grabbed one of the office’s dishcloths and filled a pan with hot soapy water. Then I spent my entire lunch break scrubbing failed glaze for a nasty cake out of my upholstery and carpet.

Since it was raining, I couldn’t leave my windows down. By the time I got off work, it was steamy in my car and smelled like lemons. I turned on the air conditioning and held my breath as I reach over to feel my passenger seat. It was beyond sticky.

A trip to the big box store for upholstery cleaner and several hours later, I was sweaty and exhausted. My car was less sticky and reeked of Woolite. I left all of my windows down until well after dark.

The moral of the story is follow Keto recipes to the letter and make sure your cake taker seals properly.

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