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It’s Spring and Time to Think about Gardening

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If you celebrate it, I hope you had a Happy Easter, too!

My Easter was low-key and quite pleasant. I wasn’t able to see my grandsons, but I had a lovely lunch with my granddaughter, her parents, my husband, and his ex-wife. We enjoyed a nice visit, and my sweet granddaughter proved she’s not only cute and charming, but very good at tic-tac-toe, as well.

Our holiday plans changed at the last minute. We decided to have lunch at a nice steakhouse instead of my daughter-in-law preparing a meal at her place. I think it worked out better that way. We were each able to choose what we’d like, so no one was stuck with something unpalatable. We ate a great meal, and we left the dirty dishes for people who were being paid to wash them.

It was a beautiful spring day with sunshine and blue sky. The early flowers are blooming, and if you aren’t an allergy sufferer like me, it was a great time to be in out in nature. I still spent some time outside, but I paid the price for it.

Speaking of spring activities, I’ve been planning my garden. I’ll be planting soon. I hope this year we have a better growing season than last year. It was extremely hot for so long that my plants couldn’t muster the energy to produce much. My onions and dill died right away. My tomatoes gave me a few fruits, but not even enough to make a batch of salsa. My sweet pepper plant gave me one perfect pepper. My basil did okay. It’s the only thing that didn’t seem to mind the broiling sun.

I’m trying my hand at growing golden watermelon this year. I’ve never eaten it, let alone grown it. It will be something new if it makes. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits, and it screams summertime to me. I’d love to plant some cantaloupe, too, but I don’t have a great deal of space for vining plants.

I will be planting tomatoes, onions, basil, and peppers again. I may also plant some cucumbers even though it’s been a few years since I was able to get a cucumber plant to live. Something eats them before they can give me any cukes. I think it’s a squirrel, but it could be anything from a deer to an opossum.

I’ve had some people tell me that I’m just wasting my time by planting a garden. They say it’s faster to go to the grocery store and buy what I need. While that may be true, I enjoy growing my own food.

The bounty from my garden is healthier that what I can buy in the store because I don’t use harmful chemicals on it, and it hasn’t been handled by several people before coming into my kitchen. It tastes better because I have the luxury of allowing my fruits and veggies to ripen on the vines. If the garden produces well, growing my own food is more budget friendly, as well.

Are you planting a garden this year? If so, what are you planting?

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