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It’s okay to pamper yourself now and then.

I’m not someone who pampers herself. I’ve never had a professional manicure. I’ve had two pedicures and didn’t like them. Both were gifts. I prefer to paint my own nails. I usually color my own hair, and sometimes I even cut it myself. I do enjoy a good massage, but rarely indulge in them due to the expense.

I’m attending my biggest writers conference yet in a week. I would like to look good for the occasion, so I planned to have a professional hair cut. My favorite stylist decided to become a barber a few months ago, and I haven’t been happy with my regular place since she left. It’s time for a change.

After my chiropractor’s appointment yesterday, I decided to try a salon that I hadn’t used for many years. I walked in shortly after they opened. The salon was empty except for one employee. The stylist on duty appeared truly happy to see me. I inquired about their pricing and noticed their coloring service was fairly reasonable. I haven’t had my hair professionally colored in a couple of years, so I went for it. No one was waiting behind me, so why not?


The stylist sat down with me and discussed what I wanted. I explained that I color my hair once a month, so I just needed the roots touched up and a couple inches cut off. She matched my color and had my hair saturated in nice smelling chemicals very quickly.

There’s something relaxing about having someone do your hair. The warm water rushing over your head while someone massages shampoo into your scalp is just a little slice of happiness. Then the comb glides through your freshly deep conditioned hair like a fish through water. Soothing 80’s rock plays softly in the background as the stylist does her best to make you feel beautiful.

I spent a couple hours at the salon yesterday morning. I left feeling relaxed and looking good. I usually rush around like a mad woman on my days off. I have many people who need me, and there’s very little time for me. It was refreshing to sit still for a couple hours and visit with another person about pleasant things like the weather and soup from a local restaurant. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that a little pampering might be just what I need to recharge my energy.

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