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It Always Pays to be Nice

Being nice to people will usually pay off. When you are willing to work with someone, that person is more likely to be willing to work with you. If you’re hateful or rude, the recipient of your attitude may not be forthcoming with any assistance when you find yourself in need.

My day job is to help people. I’m part of a team. My team has helped thousands of low-income people over the years by making their homes safer and more energy efficient. It’s my job to accept the applications, process the applications, make sure our clients produce all required documentation, make sure they meet all of the qualifications, and ensure that everything is properly reported to the state.

My piece of the puzzle would be infinitely more difficult without the cooperation of other people in other departments within my agency. The sharing of information and communication regarding our shared projects makes things run more smoothly. My co-workers are not required to help me or vice versa, but it’s the right thing to do. Once I made the appropriate contacts in our various departments, my job gave me far fewer headaches. I like to think that I’ve reduced stressed for some of my colleagues in return.

Most of us have co-workers or business associates who we just don’t like. Not all personalities are compatible. I’m no different. I’m not conceited enough to believe that everyone who works with me likes me, either. That’s the beauty of being courteous and professional toward others. It doesn’t matter if we like each other. We can still work together and make each other’s jobs go more smoothly.

It’s just good form to be nice and respectful to other people. I’m sure you’ve all heard the old saying, “You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

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