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Is common sense really common anymore?

I was always admonished to use common sense every time I screwed up as a teen. What is the definition of common sense for one person doesn’t hold true for everyone. You would think it would be the same for everyone, but I’ve observed that is not the case. For example: I enjoy my freedom and mobility. I obtained my driver’s license when I was 16 years old and have maintained it ever since.

I babysat when I was 16 and worked in a factory when I was 17. I moved on to a job at the mall that would work around my college schedule after that. I stay gainfully employed in order to afford a car, gas, and those other pesky things in life that require money such as a home, food, and utilities. I enjoy attending certain events that can be quite pricey. It’s all logical to me. I consider it common sense that in order to have what I want, I must work for the money to fund it.

I know many young people who are of age, yet haven’t even attempted to obtain a driver’s license or a job. I don’t understand how they plan to ever be actual adults. Do they plan to have their parents drive them everywhere and pay for everything for the rest of their lives? Don’t they understand that a job and driving privileges equal the beginnings of freedom and self-sufficiency?

Another prime example is when the roads are so bad that the State Highway Patrol is telling drivers to stay off them and someone decides he just has to have a Coke and a slice of pizza from the convenience store. When he slides into the ditch or a parked car, he’s surprised and upset. My common sense would tell me that I could get a Coke and slice pizza another day. Of course, I keep food both at home and at work, so I won’t ever starve.

Driving home from work on bad roads is something else entirely. I have done that my entire adult life and will most likely continue to do so. I use extreme caution and call upon my over 30 years of driving experience to make it home safe and sound. I just don’t go out in dangerous conditions for frivolous reasons.

Speaking of driving in bad weather, just because someone has a 4-wheel drive vehicle doesn’t mean he or she can go anywhere the mood strikes. Yes, 4-wheel drive does allow a person more access in general conditions. Go off-road, mudding, or hopping over larger than normal obstacles are hobbies for many. A big 4 x 4 truck will make getting through snow easier, but it will still slip on ice just like anything else.

One thing that baffles me is when someone opens the windows in the house and turns on the air conditioning or heat. I have seen this many, many times. Leaving the door open for longer than necessary also drives batty. Common sense tells me that doing things like that wastes energy and costs me money that I don’t need to spend.

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