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I Succeeded with a Lot of Help From My Friends

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I’m the 2019 Ozarks Writers League President. This is a job that has been both extremely rewarding and stressful. My term is now finished and a new president has been elected. My presidency closed with the OWL 2019 Fall Conference, which took place last weekend.

I don’t care what I try to do, there are always problems. Something goes horribly wrong at the worst possible time. My computer doesn’t work. Someone begs off at the 11th hour. Items ordered aren’t quite right. I forget my shoes. The sound system doesn’t work. You get the picture.

This conference was no exception. All kinds a hiccups occurred. It was during these crazed moments when I was running around trying to put out fires that I learned I have many friends. People stepped up, jumped in, and helped me handle problems that arose.

While most people were coming to me and telling me about issues and what they needed me to do for them, my friends were telling me that I was doing a good job, needed to calm down, and remember to breathe. They were asking me what they could do, how they could make it better, and if I was okay.

One friend, who I’ve only recently met, stopped by Friday to help me set up. She was in the neighborhood and thought I could use a hand. She was right. She ran her feet off for me on Saturday, too. Another friend took over raffle ticket sales when there was a problem. One friend jumped in the registration seat to help out with the crowd bottle-necked at the door.

Conference issues aren’t the only things they helped conquer. An angel of a lady stashed two slices of bread in the kitchen for me to be sure I was able to eat. She was afraid there wouldn’t be any left. She was right, and I’m thankful she had such a wonderful and considerate idea. I was dealing with a guest speaker who wasn’t happy, so I was the last one to eat. Most people had already had their second helpings. By the time I had a chance to get to the food table, I needed that sandwich like I’ve never needed one before.

There were so many moments throughout the conference when my friends wouldn’t let me fail that I can’t even count them all. That’s why I would like to publicly thank April, Bonnie, Diane, Dick, Heather, Paul, Rick, Russell, Sasha, Sharon, Shirley, and everyone else who helped out.

The conference was a success because I had a lot of help from my friends. I didn’t know I had so many friends.

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