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I promised myself that I would make my writing a priority this year.

I promised myself that I would make my writing career a priority in 2017. I followed through on that promise to myself, and I’m pleased with my results.

I’m currently attending my last writers conference of the year. This time last year I was shaking with nerves and psyching myself up to attend my very first one. I’m now happily participating in my fourth.

This year, I have participated in three writers conferences, started this blog (Thank you, my beloved readers!), joined a critique group, placed in 11 writing competitions, and had three stories published with one coming soon. I have visited with countless successful writers as well as a few publishers, editors, and agents. I’ve soaked up all of the knowledge and wisdom that I could from these talented people. The best part is that the year isn’t over yet, and I’m still going strong.


I’ve gotten better at traveling, but I’m still working on my packing skills. Some people are made for travel. I’m not one of them. I’m always afraid that I will forget something important, and I usually do.

I tend to over pack. Last night was the Ozark Writers League awards banquet. I wanted to be sure that I looked my best, so I brought two different ensemble choices and purchased a third one once I arrived here in Branson.

I am honored to share that I placed second in the Romantic Short Story competition. I hope to have that story published next year. My goal is to attend at least three conferences and publish at least three stories next year. My writer friends will recognize that I’m using the magic of three in my goals. I also hope to have my book finished and be in the process of negotiating its publication by this time next year.

I’ve worked diligently to improve my craft and share my words with as many people as possible this year. I will work even harder in 2018, and share any success that I may enjoy with all of you here.

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