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I Need My Writer Support Tree

I can’t believe it’s already June! I had planned to have my novel to my beta readers by now, but I had an unexpected plot twist. My book is nearly finished, but my main character did something that needs developed. Most people don’t understand what I mean when I say that I’m surprised by things that happen in my book. I go into my own world when I’m writing. I create my characters and give them life upon my page. While I am the one typing everything, my characters do as they please. Sally, my main character, has thrown me for a loop this time.

I spend all of my “free” time (when I’m not working at my day job) writing my book, this blog, short prose, and offering my support to other writers on top of taking care of my family. I recently wrote my very first mystery short story and submitted it to a local contest. I’ll find out if I placed next month. I love writing short stories. My novel is a huge labor of love, but short stories are my first love.

I proof read, critique, and support other writers with their projects. Having a writer support system is extremely important. Supporting a writer goes beyond buying his or her book. While the book is in progress, it involves sharing ideas, discussing publishers and publishing avenues, discussing editing tools, listening to plot points, reading and offering suggestions, and helping the author work through tough spots.

Some of my friends recently helped me work through a plot point at which I was stuck. They listened as I agonized over what I’d written and why I thought it didn’t work. Just having someone listen as I talked it through helped a great deal. They offered ideas and suggestions. This is the beauty of having a writer support system.

Once the book is published, supporting the writer involves buying the book, reading the book, telling other readers about the book, posting reviews on sales sites, sharing news on social media, and ecouraging people to attend book signings. Sometimes people are hateful to a writer, and he or she needs to vent frustration at being treated so rudely. Listening is a very important part of offering support.

Writing is a solitary enterprise, but that doesn’t mean I want to be isolated. I like to think of my support system as a tree. I’m the trunk and my imagination is the root system. Everyone else is a branch with lots of leaves that absorb light and convert it to energy so I can flourish.

I have an amazing husband who does his utmost to support my work in any way possible. I have fabulous friends who are always willing to read my work, talk to me about my stories, and congratulate me when I win an award or have something published. I couldn’t do what I do without them. However, no one understands the writing process, heart-ache, stress, and passion like another writer. My writer friends are important branches in my tree, but they don’t make up the entire thing. In order for me to be successful, I need my support tree with all of its beautiful branches. Otherwise, I’m just an old tree trunk.

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