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I Love Having Great Lunches with My Work Family

There are more important things than money when considering a job. I make more than minimum wage, but my job certainly doesn’t pay as much as I could make elsewhere. Yet I’ve worked there for over eleven years.

One of the reasons I’ve stayed in my position is the sense of family in my building. We all know each other pretty well, and we take care of each other. We celebrate each other’s victories and mourn each other’s losses.

I have been working two days per week for the last couple weeks in order to give our crews a head start on jobs. I went into work on Wednesday and proceeded to go about my normal business. Not having been in the office for a while, I had enough to keep me busy for a while.

My stomach was starting to tell me it wanted filled soon when my boss asked a few of us what we planned to do for lunch. I had brought a frozen dinner, one guy planned to go to grab fast food, another had no idea what he was going to eat. We discussed options and the fact we missed our favorite place. Our favorite pizza place was horribly damaged by fire prior to the pandemic and is still closed.

My boss mentioned he had some farm-fresh tomatoes and BLTs sounded good. Before I knew it, a phone call was made to a co-worker who was on his way back to the office from a home inspection. A shopping list was given to him, which he agreed to obtain. He didn’t disappoint.

He stopped by the store and picked up some thick hickory smoked bacon, two kinds of bread, and a head of lettuce. I’d brought in some banana chocolate chips bars for a co-worker’s birthday, which were the perfect dessert. We cut those juicy, vine ripened tomatoes, and had the best lunch I’ve enjoyed for a while.

We were still talking about those great BLTs the next day and how good the bacon was, especially for being a store brand. Next thing I knew, someone brought in some eggs and sausage. We cooked more bacon along with the sausage and then fried those eggs. Lunch was delicious, once again. Simple fare, cooked with love and shared with friends is the best. We’re making goulash next week.

While I love enjoying a nice, hot meal that I don’t completely prepare myself, it’s the fact we sit down and eat it together that I love. Oh, I usually have lunch at the same time as a coworker or two, but it’s great to visit with everyone at the same time.

I’m incredibly blessed to work with great people in a small building where we can behave like the family we’ve become. I wish everyone could be so lucky.

Stay safe and healthy, my friends!

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