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I am Nana

Nothing warms my heart like hearing a child laugh. The only thing better is hearing my two-year-old grandson tell me he loves me. He only recently started calling me Nana. He’s said the word before, but he was just repeating it then. Now he knows that’s who I am to him. I didn’t think it could be any better than hearing him holler my name as he ran up to me until he told me he loved me.

I’ve been telling him I love him since he was born. I knew he would say it back to me eventually. I just wasn’t prepared for the warmth that filled my heart at his declaration. I’ve been told that being a grandparent is the best job in the world. As far as I’m concerned, I was born to be Nana.

My granddaughter isn’t talking much yet. She will be two years old in July. She’s still gibbering more than forming words. She has an angelic voice, and I’m excited to hear her talk to me in a few months.

I strive to be the best possible nana to my two beautiful grandchildren. I want great relationships with both of them. I want them to look back at their memories of me when they’re older and know their nana loved them beyond measure.

I remember the love and devotion I had for my maternal grandma. She was my world when I was little. I saw her every day. She lived a few blocks away from my family. She never failed to make me feel special and loved.

She was the best at entertaining me with things she had around the house. She made dollhouses from cardboard boxes and paper dolls from magazines for me. She always had my favorite chicken noodle soup and Monterey Jack cheese. She read to me for hours, and always had a great story from her own childhood for me. Losing her when I seven years old was devestating.

Sadly, I was never close to my paternal grandma. She lived a few hours away, and we didn’t spend much time together during my formative years. I did spend a couple of summers on the farm with her when I was older, but she needed my strong back and youthful energy more than a close relationship with me. I spent most of my time doing chores and helping out around the farm with my cousins.

She taught me many great skills such as cooking, gardening, and splitting firewood. She turned me into a master egg gatherer and chicken caretaker. She taught me to be tough and self-sufficient. She taught me the world isn’t fair, but I can survive with hard work and inner strength. Not having a close relationship with her is one of my biggest regrets. I didn’t make the time to go visit or call her nearly enough.

Regardless of what this world brings, I intend to make certain my precious grandchildren know the love of their nana. I will love them, teach them, and cherish them. I am Nana.

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