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I am Author of the Week, and I am Honored.

I received a huge honor last Saturday. I was the first Author of the Week for Author in the House at our wonderful local bookstore, Always Buying Books.

If you’ve never been to Always Buying Books, and you’re in the Joplin area or passing through, I highly recommend you stop in and browse the stacks. They have a huge selection of just about anything you could want. I’ve purchased hundreds of books from this charming bookstore.

Bob and Alyse at Always Buying Books support local authors in a big way. They’re also some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. They host book signings and carry local authors’ books at no cost to the author. A few of the anthologies in which I’m published can be found in the Local Author section. I’ve autographed them, of course.

Being Author of the Week meant making a short video where I talked about myself and my writing. It was only about three minutes long, but I was so nervous that I was wound up like an eight day clock. I stayed up late Friday night practicing my speech. Then I got up around 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning to practice some more.

Those of you who know me personally know that I’m naturally quite shy. Crowds stress me out, and I’m not good at promoting myself. I work at it, and sometimes it’s a real struggle because it goes against what I was taught as a kid — it’s not polite to brag on myself.

One of the first lessons Joplin Writers’ Guild taught me was the importance of self-promotion. If I don’t talk about myself and my work, no one will know about what’s happening with my projects and me. It took me a long time to accept that it’s okay to promote myself.

My friend, author Terry McDermid, explained that to me early on. I had no idea when I first met her that she would become one of my mentors, but I can’t imagine getting as far in the writing world as I have without her. She not only instilled in me the importance of promoting myself and my work, but the necessity of submitting my work for publication, as well.

While teaching one of her writing classes in which I was in attendance, she told us, “No one is going to fall out of the sky and beg to publish your work. You have to put it in front of them first.”

My video turned out pretty well. I flubbed a few times, but I think I made a pretty good introduction. I’m attempting to attach the video here, but I can’t promise it will work.

I owe so much to the wonderful people who love and support me. The people who encourage me and guide me have made it possible for me to embrace who I am.

I wish you all health and happiness, my friends.

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