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Happy Mother’s Day to My Strong, Supportive Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, foster mothers, and godmothers. I hope you all have a weekend filled with love and peace.

I’ve mentioned my mom in a few posts, but I’ve never told you much about her. She’s a strong woman who suffered and sacrificed to take care of my sister and me when we were young. We had many challenges during our childhood. Mom handled each one to the best of her ability and did her utmost to instill a sense of honor and integrity into us.

When I decided I wanted to be a writer around the age of twelve, Mom did everything she could to encourage me. She made it a point to read everything I wrote (everything I showed her), even when she disagreed with my subjects or found my opinions hurtful.

My early work was full of angst-ridden laments because life is never fair. It especially seemed cruel from the perspective of a youth who thought a prince should come along and solve all of her problems.

Mom taught me better than that, but she had to work at it because I really wanted to be whisked away to a castle in a land far, far away. As a lover of fairy tales and Disney movies, I was sure it could happen.

“Stand on your own two feet because no one is ever going to take care of you,” she’d say. “Concentrate on getting educated, not being pretty. Beauty fades, but no one can take a good education from you.” Her words were wise.

I grew up to be an independent and strong woman. During my college years, I was so liberated that I wouldn’t allow a date to open doors for me. I also insisted on driving most of the time in order to retain control. It took a few years, but I finally realized there’s a way to be strong without insulting every man in my path.

I married a man with two small children, which made me a step-mother. I struggled with my new role and trying to find my place in their lives. My mom was there to guide me and dry my tears of frustration and pain. Never having dealt with step-children or the ex-wife of a spouse, she couldn’t help me with her experience, but she gave me her support and child-rearing wisdom. She listened to me and helped me put things in perspective.

Twenty years later, I’m still uncertain of my place in their lives. I try to support and encourage them. I’ve loved them as my own. I like to think I’ve taught them some valuable life lessons, but it’s difficult to tell because they have a mother who is foremost in their hearts. I’m certain they will be spending Mother’s Day with her, as they should.

Now my step-kids are grown with children of their own. I’m a grandmother, and my mom is still there offering me wisdom and support. She still tries to feed me every time she sees me. She gave me a dozen farm fresh eggs last time I visited. She still asks me if I have enough money before I leave on a trip. She still reads everything I write and offers her insights. In fact, she was one of my beta readers for my novel. Yes, she reads every Ozarks Maven post and offers feedback when she deems necessary. I would not be the confident woman I am today without my mom’s love and support.

Thanks, Mom! Without you, I wouldn’t be me. Happy Mother’s Day!

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