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Happy Mother's Day Edition: Author Spotlight Diane Yates

Happy Mother's Day!

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As an author, I wanted to celebrate Mother's Day by spotlighting someone who was not only inspired by their mom, but wrote about her life, as well.

Today, I'm spotlighting Diane Yates and two of the books she wrote that are inspired by her mother, Pathways of the Heart and All That Matters.

Even more exciting is that Diane has agreed to give away an e-book copy of Pathways of the Heart or All That Matters to an Ozarks Maven reader. All you need to do is let me know which one you're interested in receiving by sending me a message or commenting on this post by midnight on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. I will send all of the names to Diane who will draw a winner at random. The winner will be announced in next week's Ozarks Maven post.

1.    I understand that Pathways of the Heart and All That Matters are based on your mom's life. What inspired you to write about her?


I always say, “My mother was a remarkable woman,” but that doesn’t even begin to capture her resourcefulness and sacrificial nature. The Bible describes a virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, and that was her, always giving of herself for the good of her family. No matter what difficulties befell us, with Mom, we knew it would be alright. She had a way of working it all out. As I started writing stories, I knew her story needed to be told.  


2.    Have you written other stories about your mom's life?


Actually, no. She inspired a poem or two. These two books, Pathways of the Heart and All That Matters, cover her story from 1928 through 1997.


3.    How long did it take you to write these books?


Pathways of the Heart was a work of love, I had started it earlier, but put it on the back burner because I wanted to improve my skills before finishing it. I began to realize, if I don’t get serious, it’s not going to get written. Then, with all the research required, it took a total of about 3-4 years to complete. All That Matters was written in about a year.  


4.    What other books do you have published? 


The Fate Series consists of Melissa’s Fate, Impossible Fate, and Love’s Fate and chronicle the fictitious Drake family. In each book, there’s a romance which must overcome insurmountable odds, with characters from very different walks of life.


In the first, Phil Drake will never forgive Beth, but he’ll do anything to save his little girl he never knew existed.


In Impossible Fate, David Drake falls in love with Aliyah, but her observant Jewish parents will do anything to keep them apart. Can he bridge the gap between his Christianity in time to prevent Aliyah’s impending marriage?


Finally, in Love’s Fate, Aliyah’s sister Deborah falls in love with Amir, but she’s Israeli Jew and he’s an Israeli Arab who was banished from his family for believing in Jesus.

I also have one novella published, Christmas on the High Seas. I wrote this fun little story during the pandemic. Halley is going on a cruise with Candace, but when she opens the stateroom door, all hopes of a merry cruise evaporate. Candace sold her ticket to Devon, the meanspirited bully that used to torment her in high school.


5.    What is your writing process like? Do you need a quiet space, or can you tune out distractions?


I find that I write my best work when I’m alone in a quiet space, however, music serves as inspiration. When writing Pathways of the Heart, I listened to the Forties on Sirius XM. It was an awesome tool. I love writing because I feel like I enter that world and when I finish, however many hours later, I have no idea where the time went!  


6.    What authors influenced you?


When I was a young teenager, I read Jane Aiken Hodge, a British author who wrote tales of danger and love amid an historical event and always with a strong female protagonist. Jane would release a new book about every two years. I couldn’t wait to get to the library and check out her new release.


7.    Do you have any hobbies or interests aside from writing?


My husband and I like to play golf and I love to go canoeing or kayaking. We both love going to Disney World and are season passholders, since we live in Florida.



8.    Would you please share something interesting or unusual about yourself.


I don’t think I’d call it unusual, but perhaps interesting, is my faith and belief in Jesus Christ. It’s that faith that makes me realize the responsibility I have as a writer to produce to the best of my ability good wholesome writing that encourages and inspires. 


9.    What is your favorite part of being a writer?


I love to hear or read what others say about my work. That’s my favorite part, but

A close second is creating an alternate world and intricate characters. 


10. Where can we purchase your work? 


You may purchase my work from Amazon. Sometimes it’s hard to find selected books among the mass online so here is a link which should make it easier.


Pathways of the Heart and All That Matters were recently re-released by IHeart Publishing. You can read more about me, my books, and order direct from my website at Please follow me on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, Facebook, Instagram, and X and sign up for my newsletter and blog all from my website.  

Diane Yates' Bio

Diane Yates writes award-winning inspirational romantic fiction and nonfiction. Her Fate Series, published by IHeart Publishing, begins with Melissa's Fate and continues with Impossible Fate, and ends with Love's Fate. Diane is the author of two biography/memoirs, Pathways of the Heart and All That Matters, published by IHeart Publishing. Her Christmas novella, Christmas On The High Seas, is available in paperback, eBook, and Audiobook formats as well as Melissa's Fate.

Diane has served two terms as President of Ozarks Writers League and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She teaches writing workshops and has spoken at various organizations.

Diane and her husband, Rick, live in Florida. She has three children and eight grandchildren who are the crown of her life.

Don't forget to enter the drawing for an e-book copy of Pathways of the Heart or All That Matters! Just send me a message telling me which one you would like to win or comment on this post.

Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! If you’ve enjoyed my little seeds of wisdom and joy, please subscribe to Ozarks Maven.

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