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Grandparents’ Day at My Granddaughter’s Preschool

Last Friday I attended my first School Grandparents’ Day. It was at my granddaughter’s preschool. My husband, his ex-wife, and I all enjoyed the program those precious little ones performed for us. They sang some songs and then joined us in the audience for a lovely slideshow. That was followed by pictures, snacks, and play time.

My favorite part of the celebration was when they handed out art projects the kids had made for their grandparents. I’ll be framing ours and hanging it on the wall. We plan to keep it for the rest of our lives. Madison’s Gigi (my husband’s ex-wife) was just as thrilled with hers as we were with ours. In fact, every grandparent I saw was thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift.

The preschool did a fabulous job of making everyone feel special. They had tables set up with photo albums. Two pages were dedicated to each child. They held important information such as the child’s favorite color, snack, food, hobby, etc. and showcased some artwork. I was happy to learn that Madison’s favorite color is yellow, which is one of mine. She also loves watermelon and M&Ms. What can I say? The girl has great taste.

Madison wasn’t interested in the snacks. She went right for the inflatables. I had such a good time watching her bounce in the bounce houses and run wild with her friends. She zipped in and out of little tents and tunnels. She played memory games and laughed with the wild abandon only a young child possesses.

My heart just about burst with love when she hugged me to tell me goodbye. Having grandchildren is the greatest joy I’ve ever known. I’m honored to have been invited to Madison’s special program.

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