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Grandchildren Change Everything

Being a grandparent has changed me in ways I never dreamed possible. I live for baby giggles and toddler belly laughs. There is no sound more beautiful than that of a happy grandchild, and I dance around like a loon, make funny faces, and sing silly songs just to hear those laughs. I didn’t know I had a baby voice until my first grandchild was born.

I never expected to have two grandchildren at 45, but I’ve learned that chasing kids takes a lot of energy. Keeping my grandson out of trouble is more physically demanding than any workout I’ve ever done. He’s one year old. He’s always on the go, and the kid is FAST!

My granddaughter is still a baby at only four months old, but she’s already showing some personality. Her smile is wide and carefree. Her innocence and exuberant joy at the simplest things makes me happy to be alive. I can’t imagine my life without her baby giggles and firm baby grip on anything within reach. I’ve learned to always wear my hair up, and hoop earrings are a no-no.

I find myself shopping differently. I randomly buy diaper wipes, bibs, and pacifiers. I went into a giant chain store that is currently under remodel and couldn’t find what I needed. I searched for my items and an employee, but found neither. I did buy one thing before I left, though. I bought my granddaughter a fluffy sleeper.

It has become second nature for me to look at the baby supplies, clothing, toys, and furniture everywhere I go. Baby bottles, formula, toddler-friendly food, cloth books, diapers, singing toys, and fluffy blankets have become part of my life now.

I never had children of my own. It wasn’t in the cards for me. My husband already had my step-kids when I met him. They were seven and two years old when I married their daddy. They were cute, but mischievous and often led me on merry chases. I never experienced the baby phase, though. I must confess, it’s my favorite. I fondly remember my own grandmother who doted on me daily. I never doubted her love for me, and she always made me feel special. I hope that I can be half as wonderful for my grandchildren as she was for me.

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