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Good or Bad Times, Family is There

Being a family means many things. It’s not all about fighting and trying to one-up each other. It certainly isn’t all pot roast and pie. We fuss and love each other in equal measure.

We truly feel the ties that bind us to each other in times of crisis. When one of our own is in need, we stop what we’re doing, put our differences aside, and rush to see how we can help.

A member of my family isn’t doing well. She got sick, fainted, and suffered injuries in her fall. She’s currently in the hospital trying to recover. Thankfully, we found her before things became critical. My step-daughter, her boyfriend, my husband, and I have been taking turns keeping her company.

She was dehydrated, as well as injured, when she was brought to the hospital. She was confused and thought she needed to fix us supper or find us all places to sleep. She was very concerned that we might not have good winter shoes last night.

I expect more family to arrive or send gifts soon. My relative has already received a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I bought her a book, not thinking about the fact her medicine would make her sleepy. So, I’m saving that for later.

My lack of foresight notwithstanding, I have been amazed by the love and support she’s received from family members who live far away, as well as those who live close by.

We all love her and are here to offer comfort and assistance in any way we can. Sometimes comfort comes from something as simple as watching a basketball game on TV while the monitors and machines whir in the background.

She’s in a great facility with topnotch doctors and nurses. We’re all praying for a speedy and complete recovery. In the meantime, we’re doing our best to make sure she knows she’s loved.

Cherish your family, even as you argue. No one knows your roots quite like they do, and you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

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