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Gestures of Kindness During Times of Loss

One of my best friends lost her mom a little over a week ago. Even though her passing was not a surprise, it’s still devastating to those who loved the lady. My friend is understandably grieving. Losing a parent is gut-wrenching whether it’s expected or not.

I wanted to do something that might bring her some comfort. I tossed around some ideas for a few days before I decided on what to do. For me, bread is the ultimate comfort food. I thought she might feel the same. So, I baked her a loaf of orange cranberry bread.

I took the bread and a sympathy card to her over the weekend. I sat down and visited with her and her son for an hour or so. We told some stories and swapped bits of wisdom. I know it’s not much, but I hope I was able to lift her spirits a little.

I’m socially awkward on my best day and doubly so when someone has lost a loved one. I’m the person at a funeral who is either uncontrollably sobbing or laughing at inappropriate times. I think it’s part of my social anxiety, but I never know what to say or do in those types of situations.

When my dad passed away 13 years ago, I was surrounded by family and friends offering their love and support. I don’t remember most of who did what, but I do remember those who reached out. Someone brought a huge fruit tray. Someone else brought donuts. There were pies and cakes. Family, friends, and neighbors poured into my mom’s house offering whatever they could.

What I remember most is Uncle Dale, who wasn’t my uncle by blood but by choice, made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. The soup was warm and comforting, and it was the sweetest gesture I could imagine. It made me feel safe and loved at a time when it seemed my world had shattered. I hope I made my friend feel that way with the bread I baked for her, if only for a few moments.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that offer the most comfort during our darkest times. Even something simple like a pot of soup or loaf of bread can offer a little peace.

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