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Gentle Yoga is for Me

I was in a car accident when I was 19 years old that permanently damaged my back and neck. I’m limited in the types of physical activity in which I can comfortably engage. Please don’t confuse that with me being unable to live a normal life. My life is full, and I enjoy great mobility. I simply don’t move quite the way many people do, and I consume more ibuprofen than the average person.

I see my chiropractor once a month to stay healthy. She realigns everything for me, and makes certain those viscous migraines from which I once frequently suffered are a thing of the past. She is amazingly supportive of me not just as a patient, but as a person as well. She has always urged me to stretch more. Yoga seems the perfect solution.

I’ve been fascinated with yoga for many years. I always thought that it could be the answer to my aching body. I’ve attempted various routines dozens of times and nearly always finished my session in a great deal of shoulder or leg pain. I am a tenacious woman, and kept trying different ones. I met with failure after failure.

A couple days ago, I decided to conduct some research to see if there was a yoga answer for me. It turns out that I’ve been attempting the wrong yoga. I discovered some free online classes that teach gentle yoga. I went to the store and a brand new pink yoga mat that can’t be confused for something else and queued up my laptop.

My left hip and leg have been bothering me quite a bit lately. I believe I’ve been in more pain the usual due to my extended time on the computer. Therefore, I decided to try a routine that helps with sciatic pain. I successfully completed my first session yesterday, and I felt great afterward. I was able to keep up with the instructor, and nothing hurt while I was engaging in the poses. I would be lying if I said my form was perfect, but it was acceptable.

We all have a different level of physical ability. I can ride the heck out of my stationery bike and make my punching bag swing like crazy, but I’ve always wanted to engage in the peacefully graceful movements that yoga offers. I’m happy to say that I finally found some poses that don’t make me fall on my face or land flat on my butt due to my lack of balance. I’m very happy that I didn’t give up.


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