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Garden Fever

We’ve had some mild weather here in the Ozarks over the past few days. Temperatures that hover in the sixties beckon me outside to play in the dirt. I’ve really got garden fever now. I’ve been browsing through seed and plant catalogs for a couple months. I couldn’t resist buying some seeds and fiber pots last weekend. It’s been a wet winter, and spring isn’t looking much dryer. I think it will be a great year for growing fruits and vegetables. I’m anxious to get outside and work up my garden spot.

I’m going to start my seeds inside soon, so they will be strong full plants by the time our last freeze chance has come and gone. This means my little seedlings won’t hit the actual earth until sometime in late April. I sure don’t want to put all of my love and labor into something a cold snap will kill once I get it in the ground. I really love doing things from start to finish. I love planting things, nurturing them, harvesting them, preserving them, and then eventually preparing them for my table. Nothing is as satisfying as watching sprouts burst from the ground and knowing that I lovingly nestled them within their earthen beds.

Missouri is a great place to grow tomatoes. Our summers are hot and humid, which tomatoes seem to love. I can make a meal out of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. I don’t even need salad dressing.

As a child I ate many meals of only what we harvested that day. Sweet corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers were a common meal at my house. Sometimes we would throw a boiled egg in the mix for protein, but not always.

I like knowing where my food comes from. The majority of my meat is venison that my husband kills and pork that I purchase from a local farmer. The fruits and vegetables that I don’t grow myself usually come from my local farmer’s market or friends who like to share. These foods taste much better and are healthier than commercially raised meat and produce.

Not everyone enjoys the simple things that I do. For those of you who share my love of home grown goodness, this may be the best gardening year yet.

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