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Freezing Leftovers

I was looking around my kitchen last weekend and realized that I had somehow ended up with two and a half loaves of bread. I bought a loaf. My husband bought a loaf. We still had half a loaf. I decided to deal with it in my favorite way. I made French toast.

My recipe makes twelve to sixteen slices. There are only two of us. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast. Then I put a few slices in the refrigerator for a quick breakfast during the week and froze the rest. I froze them in packs of two slices each.

I freeze leftovers quite a bit. Right now, I have chili, sloppy joe meat, hamburger patties, smoked chicken, ham & beans, and French toast frozen in individual servings. I also have frozen fruit that I harvested from my trees and bushes last year. I feel good about not wasting food. It’s a convenient way for me to enjoy a good meal on the nights I’m by myself.

I don’t always get my leftovers in the freezer before they go bad, but I try. There’s something comforting about a home cooked meal, but I often lack the time and energy to cook after work. In fact, I’ve been known to eat a bowl of cereal or a couple of boiled eggs for dinner if I’m out of frozen leftovers. Yummy, right?

Freezing leftovers is an great way to stretch your grocery budget and eliminate unnecessary waste. Since I’ve always been financially conservative, preserving food is second nature to me. I’ve grown some of my own fruits and vegetables for many years, canning or freezing what my family can’t immediately eat.

Freezing food is simple and can be done a couple different ways. You can use freezer bags or freezer containers. I use both. Which one is best depends on the item I’m freezing. I’ve found that freezer bags fit nicely in oddly shaped openings, whereas freezer containers aren’t as flexible but travel better.

Saving money everywhere I can is important to me. Living expenses such as food, shelter, energy, and transportation can’t be helped. However, there are ways to trim those costs so I have a few dollars to do something fun.

I like to travel to various writers events, and they are rarely inexpensive. The conferences range in price and the hotels where they’re held are usually an equal or greater amount than the conferences themselves.

I attended one conference where the hotel was double the price of the conference. I hadn’t factored in the hotel taxes would be $50.00 per night in addition to the room rate. I stayed three nights. I learned to shop around for the best lodging deals after I forked over way more money than I anticipated, but that’s a topic for another time.

My point is that you can cut expenses here and there that really add up. Freezing leftovers and not wasting food is one great way to save money and live better.

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