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Devastating News for Heather Burch

What would you do if you were given three months to live? What changes would you make for your final days?

My friend, Heather Burch, received devastating news a couple weeks ago. She has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and doctors have given her approximately three months to live. She could have surgery, but it would only prolong her life by a few months, and she’d be sick the entire time. Therefore, she opted to decline surgery and spend the rest of her time with her loved ones, especially her precious granddaughter.

I met Heather at an Ozarks Romance Authors meeting. She was poised, polished, and accomplished, with a smile that not only brightened the room but made everyone gravitate to her. What I remember best about that first meeting, besides her amazing personality, was when she told us that one of her books was being translated into Estonian. To me, that represented the pinnacle of success.

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know her better. Her kindness and sweet spirit fills the room the moment she enters, and people flock to her. She is probably the kindest, most encouraging person I’ve ever met. To know Heather is to adore her.

Some of you may remember when I featured Heather in an author spotlight a few years ago. She graciously agreed to an interview and allowed me to introduce her to you, my wonderful readers. She has always been generous with time and knowledge. If you’d like to check that post out, here’s the link: http://author-spotlight-heather-burch.

Author Cindy Kirk has created a GoFundMe account to help Heather and her husband during this heartbreaking time. I would sincerely appreciate it if you would consider donating to Heather’s GoFundMe account. Cindy has written a wonderful explanation there. Here’s the link: I would also appreciate it if you would share the link with others if you are so inclined.

I donated what I could. It wasn’t much, but I believe every little bit helps. I’ve seen donations as small as $5.00. I plan to donate more when I get paid again. I really wish she lived closer to me, and I would cook a ton of meals for her and make sure she had as much banana bread as she could eat because that’s how I show love and support.

Heather and her husband have no health insurance, and she had to quit her job due to the changes in her brain caused by the tumor. Her husband has taken a leave of absence from medical school to spend time with her and be there for whatever she may need.

She is 53 years old and far too young to be facing death. However, she is strong in her faith, and she says isn’t afraid. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Buying her books, which are excellent, may also help. I don’t know how often she receives her royalties, but an uptick in sales sure couldn’t hurt anything. You can find them most places books are sold.

Heather, if you read this, please know that I love you, and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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