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Creative Energy Flourishes When Artistic Minds Gather Together

I attended my very first write-in last Saturday. The Mega Write-In was a joint venture between Sleuths’ Ink Mystery Writers and Ozarks Romance Authors. I am a member of both great organizations, but I’ve been unable to attend any meetings to date. I was excited to be able to attend this function where I could meet more of my fellow authors.

I swear that spending time with other writers working in the same room charges the air with creative particles. I accomplished more in one day with those amazing authors than I do at home in a week. The work I produced was among my best with very few errors or need of polishing.

We were free to speak quietly with each other, which we did. Using each other as sounding boards is an invaluable opportunity. No one understands a writer’s mind like another writer. When I discussed a scene with my friend and fellow writer who was sitting next to me, she offered valuable insights that no one else would be able to see.

I think it’s important for anyone in the arts to spend time with other creative people. There’s something about the process of making something beautiful out nothing that draws those who creator together. The energy of one person feeds off another and grows exponentially as the group increases in size and creative charge.

I believe that’s one of the reasons I get along so well with my brother-in-law. We’re both creative souls that magnify each other’s artistic inspiration. He’s a brilliant artist who can turn the most mundane objects into pieces worthy of a gallery. Last year for Christmas, he gave me a wooden TV tray on which he’d hand carved a map of Middle Earth. It’s among most treasured possessions.

I encourage to you to pursue creativity in your own way whether your art is with a paint brush, wood, pottery, or the written word.

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