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“Cloud Thoughts” by Paul Bewsher

I’ve noticed some beautiful clouds the past few weeks. I’ve been a sky gazer my entire life. One of my earliest memories is of sitting on Grandma P’s front porch with her, sipping lemonade, and discussing the shapes we saw. She encouraged my imagination at every turn, and watching the clouds was one of our favorite pastimes. Those were precious days in my life that I treasure.

I left Mom’s house a week or so ago as a storm was blowing in. Even though it was already sprinkling and thunder was rolling, I just had to pause and take a picture of the sky. I could see the rain to the southwest coming toward us over the bean field. I drove through the tip of the storm, but I made it home before it hit my house.

I was scrolling through some poetry during a bout of insomnia the other night when I came across “Cloud Thoughts” by Paul Bewsher. As someone who loves to fly, this poem became one of my favorites.

Cloud Thoughts By Paul Bewsher

Above the clouds I sail, above the clouds, And wish my mind Above its clouds could climb as well, And leave behind The world and all its crowds, And ever dwell In such a calm and limpid solitude With ne’er a breath unkind or harsh or rude To break the spell – With ne’er a thought to drive away The golden splendour of the day. Alone and lost beneath the tranquil blue, My God! With you!

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