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Cherry Snack Cakes Make Me Take a Moment to Remember

I meet myself coming and going these days. I’m so busy that I often wonder how I remember to breathe. I work 40 hours per week at my day job, spend a good 20 hours per week writing this blog, serve as an officer for my local writers’ group, take care of my family, and work on my novel every chance I get. Needless to say, my novel is coming along rather slowly.

I try to group my errands together to maximize my efficiency. I can’t remember the last time I left the house for just one destination. Yesterday I left my house early for a doctor’s appointment, a trip to the pharmacy to give them my new insurance card and pick up my medicine, and then lunch and a meeting with my critique group. My critique group meetings usually last four to five hours, and I like to head straight home afterward. I also had to find time to fill my empty gas tank before coming home to take care of my household.

I popped in to the store to grab some supplies between my pharmacy visit and my critique group meeting yesterday. I had a 45-minute window, so I wasn’t wasting any time. Even though I was racing because I needed items from both sides and the back of the store, I felt compelled to stop at the Valentine display of Little Debbie Snacks. A box of Cherry Cordials caught my eye, and I just had to buy them.

Grandma bought me Little Debbie Cherry Cordials as a treat when I was a little girl. I’m not a big fan of cherry, especially artificial cherry flavor. These cakes were different, though. They were special because Grandma liked them, and they were something that we shared. She used to tell me that those snacks were the best because they had things from three worlds. They had cake, chocolate, and cherry cream filling. I remember her breaking one in half so I could see the layers. She was always teaching me something new.

Grandma passed away when I was seven years old. I think it’s because I lost her when I was so young that everything I associate with her seems special. I treasure Circus Peanuts and Monterey Jack cheese the same way I do Cherry Cordials. I also have a weakness for The Rockford Files because that was her favorite TV show. I have a toilet paper cover doll that she crocheted proudly displayed in my curio cabinet. It’s one of my most prized possessions.

Now that I have grandchildren of my own, I think about my grandma a great deal. I want to show my grandkids the same kind of love, patience, and support that I enjoyed. I want to teach them new things and be there when they make new discoveries. I find myself wandering down the toy aisle at the drug store to see if there’s anything interesting. I’m drawn to the baby and toddler sections of clothing stores. I even signed up for the rewards program at Carters.

I have big plans of spending lots of quality time with my grandson and granddaughter. I want them to have many cherished memories of me when I’m no longer of this world. I want to take them to zoos, aquariums, museums, parks, and other fun places. Of course, I will need to either become more adept at time management or give up some of the things that take my time in order to make that happen. Perhaps I will turn all of the shopping over to my husband. What could go wrong?

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