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Cherry Snack Cakes Make Me Take a Moment to Remember

I meet myself coming and going these days. I’m so busy that I often wonder how I remember to breathe. I work 40 hours per week at my day job, spend a good 20 hours per week writing this blog, serve as an officer for my local writers’ group, take care of my family, and work on my novel every chance I get. Needless to say, my novel is coming along rather slowly.

I try to group my errands together to maximize my efficiency. I can’t remember the last time I left the house for just one destination. Yesterday I left my house early for a doctor’s appointment, a trip to the pharmacy to give them my new insurance card and pick up my medicine, and then lunch and a meeting with my critique group. My critique group meetings usually last four to five hours, and I like to head straight home afterward. I also had to find time to fill my empty gas tank before coming home to take care of my household.

I popped in to the store to grab some supplies between my pharmacy visit and my critique group meeting yesterday. I had a 45-minute window, so I wasn’t wasting any time. Even though I was racing because I needed items from both sides and the back of the store, I felt compelled to stop at the Valentine display of Little Debbie Snacks. A box of Cherry Cordials caught my eye, and I just had to buy them.

Little Debbie Cherry Cordials

Now that I have grandchildren of my own, I think about my grandma a great deal. I want to show my grandkids the same kind of love, patience, and support that I enjoyed. I want to teach them new things and be there when they make new discoveries. I find myself wandering down the toy aisle at the drug store to see if there’s anything interesting. I’m drawn to the baby and toddler sections of clothing stores. I even signed up for the rewards program at Carters.

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