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Cherry Blossoms to Calm My Spirit and a Lovely Poem by A. E. Housman

I take joy where I can find it. This month is extremely stressful for me due to the number of things I’m juggling. That’s why taking some time to walk around my yard and enjoy my cherry trees while they’re in bloom was just what I needed.


I try to enjoy the small things in life, but I’ve been burning my candle at both ends for a while. My short walk in my backyard allowed me time to smell the cherry blossoms and refresh my soul and renew my spirit.

Please enjoy this beautiful poem by A. E. Housman as he describes his thoughts of cherry blossoms.

A Shropshire Lad 2: Loveliest of trees, the cherry now By A. E. Housman

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now Is hung with bloom along the bough, And stands about the woodland ride Wearing white for Eastertide.

Now, of my threescore years and ten, Twenty will not come again, And take from seventy springs a score, It only leaves me fifty more.

And since to look at things in bloom Fifty springs are little room, About the woodlands I will go To see the cherry hung with snow.

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