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Calling My Doctor Saved Me a Bundle

Having caring health care professionals on my side makes all the difference. I adore all of my doctors. I know that makes me sound like I have a whole stable of health care workers, but that’s not the case. I have one medical doctor, one optometrist, and one chiropractor. I also have an amazing massage therapist who works with my chiropractor. These people work with me to help me live my best life.

One of my medications has become more and more expensive over the years. The discount card I’d previously used stopped working a couple of years ago because my copay was not over $150.00. The $45.00 discount I had been receiving was sorely missed and I had to add the amount to my medicine budget. Adding that to the cost of my other three prescriptions made money a little tight.

It was looking especially grim this time due to my dosage changing and a typo at the pharmacy the last time I filled it. The prescription I picked up six weeks ago should have lasted me three months, but runs out today. Therefore, I was looking at shelling out big bucks again too soon. To make matters worse, payday is Friday. This medicine isn’t something I can skip, even for a day.

I pride myself of my communication skills, so there was one simple thing I knew I needed to do. I called my doctor’s office on Tuesday morning and asked if there were any savings or discount cards available. Even a $10.00 coupon would have made my day.

The lady with whom I spoke listened to me and asked relevant questions. I explained that I would be more than happy to switch brands if it would lower my out-of-pocket responsibility. She assured me that my message requesting assistance would reach the right person.

By 3:00 p.m. the nurse was calling me, asking questions. She explained that my message had been given to their financial person who had contacted her regarding my request. The two of them had worked together to find another medication that would work the same as my current one and offered a discount card. She told me she’d put the card at the front desk for me and to let them know if it worked.

I was hopeful as I approached the pharmacy counter with the paper card clutched in my hand. The friendly pharmacy tech ran it through and told me it wouldn’t work on my prescription because it was written for a three-month supply. I felt myself deflate right there. Then, she asked if I’d like to run it as one month. Well, yeah. Of course, I wanted to try that.

She typed on the computer for a while and then informed that she couldn’t give me a one-month supply. My medicine is an injection, and she explained she can’t split the pens. She told me what she could do was dispense a twenty-four day supply instead.

I prepared myself to do some quick mental math and asked her how much that would be. She smiled and replied, “Nothing. Your card covered it, but you’ll have to come in every twenty-four days for more. Are you okay with that?”

Was she kidding me? I can pay nothing and pick up my medicine every twenty-four days, or I can pick up a three-month supply and fork over a lot of money. Gee, what a conundrum. I told her I’ll see her every twenty-four days.

All I did was make one phone call and explain my situation to my doctor’s staff. No one at her office had any idea how much I was paying for my medication. I’d never told them how expensive it was, even with my insurance. It’s amazing what one ten-minute phone call and a caring medical staff can do. I’m thankful and humbled, but most of all, I’m relieved.

Don’t be afraid to call your doctor’s office and ask if there’s a more economical alternative, discount card, or savings program for your expensive medication. It could save you a great deal of money. Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! If you’ve enjoyed my little seeds of wisdom and joy, please subscribe to Ozarks Maven, Like Ozarks Maven on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @OzarksMaven.

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