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Between the Pages Writers Conference was Amazing!

Over the weekend I attended the Between the Pages Writers Conference (BTP for short) in Springfield, Missouri. This is the third year for the conference and the second year I've attended. I had to miss it last year due to a scheduling conflict.

First thing, I was invited to share my journey as a writer at another conference next year. I'm beyond honored to be invited to share my story at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference. This is a huge opportunity for me in my writing career. Then, I learned my novel, Sally's Secret Legacy, will be featured in a book club next year. Another huge opportunity for my career.

When the sessions began, I absorbed all of the wisdom I could and took copious notes. I learned all about how to find a narrator for audio books, ways to kick writers block in the pants, and how to make my author website more effective. I wrote down the titles of writing craft books and podcasts to which I can subscribe that might help me grow as an author.

Contest announcement time is always a ton of fun. I entered eight contests and placed in five. I won First Place in three contests and Second Place in two. Given the level of competition, winning anything is a huge honor.

The real magic of a writers conferences lies in the comradery and the networking with other authors. I met some new writers and reconnected with several I already knew. Everywhere I went, I was asked about my current project, my genre, and my publications. Over cold beverages and tasty food, I participated in discussions regarding the best way to handle feedback, finding an editor, writing procedures, and time management.

Saying our farewells was the time that really illustrated the big hearts of my fellow authors. Hugs, handshakes, well wishes, email address exchanges, and promises to meet again at the next conference were common sentiments floating through our ballroom.

Writing is a solitary endeavor. Most of us are introverts of the highest regard. I suffer from social anxiety, myself. However, when we're together, the anxiety melts away, and we are one big literary family.

I can't speak for authors everywhere because I've never attended a writers conference out of my region, but we support, encourage, and celebrate each other here in the Ozarks. I am incredibly blessed to belong to such an amazing community.

Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! If you’ve enjoyed my little seeds of wisdom and joy, please join me again next week for more Ozarks Maven.

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