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Bestselling Author Tierney James is November’s Author Spotlight

I’m thrilled to be spotlighting Bestselling Author Tierney James this month here on Ozarks Maven! Tierney writes thrillers that keep your heart and mind racing. She’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

I met Tierney James at a Springfield mini conference a few years ago. Our mutual friend, Bonnie, introduced us while everyone was getting coffee and finding seats prior to opening remarks. Bonnie told me I’d love her, and she was right. Tierney is a wonderful person and talented author.

That afternoon, I attended one of the sessions Tierney taught and was blown away by her industry knowledge. At that conference, I joined a writers group in which she’s also a member, Sleuths’ Ink Mystery Writers. We’ve found ourselves at several of the same meetings and conferences since that enlightening event.

We both attended one meeting in particular that stands out in my mind. It was my first Sleuths’ Ink Mystery Writers meeting. The guest speaker was a mechanic who was teaching us how to disable a car. This was for writing authenticity purposes only, of course. I don’t want you thinking we’re a bunch of thugs.

We all had questions for our guest, and he was great about answering all of them in-depth. Tierney fired question after question at our new mechanic friend. She asked questions the rest of us didn’t even know we wanted answered. It was thanks to her thirst for knowledge that I left that meeting with three pages of notes full of information to make my work better and correct a part of my novel that I didn’t know was wrong.

Tierney devotes a great deal of her time to her readers and other writers. She hosts a fabulous reader group on Facebook called Tierney James Lipstick & Danger. She has issued an invitation to Ozarks Maven readers who would like to join. I’m a member and love it. Here’s the link if you’d like to become a part of the group.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to my friend, Bestselling Author Tierney James. Be sure to come back on Thursday for my interview with this amazing author.

Meet Tierney James

After moving to Oklahoma, the love of teaching continued in her marketing and writing workshops along with the creation of educational materials and children’s books. Try some of her other books to bring a little adventure to your life. Speaking at book clubs, school functions, church and community groups are a few of the things Tierney enjoys doing when not writing her next adventure. She also helps beginning writers in their quest to becoming a published author through her workshops and classes. Family, two adopted dogs and gardening fill her life with plenty of laughter to share with others.

Tierney has been an Amazon #1 Best Selling author and won awards at the Annual Ozark Creative Writer’s Conference as well as the Sleuths’ Ink Mystery Writers.

Books by Tierney James

Enigma Series Stand Alone Books

  1. An Unlikely Hero 1. The Rescued Heart

  2. Winds of Deception 2. Dance of the Devil’s Trill

  3. Rooftop Angels 3. Turnback Creek

  4. Kifaru

  5. Black Mamba

  6. The Knight Before Chaos Dark Side Series

  7. Invisible Goodbye 1. Dark Side of Morning 2. Dark Side of Noon (2021)

Children’s Books

  1. There’s a Superhero in the Library

  2. Zombie Meatloaf

  3. Mission K9 Rescue

Marketing for Authors

  1. How to Market a Book Someone Besides Your Mother Will Read


  1. African Safari – A Teacher’s Guide

#CommissionsEarned. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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