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Being Prepared Means Keeping Spare Eye Glasses

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 16 years old. We discovered my need for corrective lenses shortly after I earned my driver’s license. I believe I needed them several years prior to that. I am severely near-sighted. My distance vision is so bad that the eye doctor was amazed I passed my driver’s test without glasses, which is an interesting story.

It all started with my mom asking me to check the temperature outside. It was one of those hot and humid Missouri days where it feels like the world is going to fry. We had a huge round thermometer hanging on a tree that was visible from our kitchen window. We were discussing whether it had cooled down enough to water the garden or not. So, Mom asked me the temperature, and I went outside to look at the thermometer.

She was upset with me for wasting the electricity it cost us for me to open and close the door twice. I explained that I was just doing as she asked and checking the temperature. She didn’t believe me when I told her that I couldn’t read the thermometer from the window. So, she took me to the eye doctor who was astounded that I had been able to pass the driving part of my driver’s test on the second try.

Fast forward 30 years, and I wear bifocals with a third prescription in a separate pair of glasses for computer work. I have an amazing eye doctor who takes the time to ask me questions about my lifestyle before writing a prescription. We discussed putting all three strengths of lenses in one pair of glasses and decided it was a bad idea.

Due to a health condition, my insurance company demands I have an eye exam every year. I won’t get into how I feel about being told what to do by my insurance company, but I do understand it’s in my best interest. This past year, my vision had become worse, so it was a good thing to be tested.

I ordered a pair of bifocals when she wrote my prescription and later went into a local discount eye wear store to buy a spare pair. The store offered me an extra pair for only $20.00 more, so I ended up buying two pairs. Thank goodness I did.

Last Saturday I was sitting on my couch watching TV with my dog when I felt something hit me on the temple, bounce off my hand, and then hit the floor. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I asked my husband if he’d thrown something at me from his post in the recliner, which he denied. I chocked it up to one of those mysteries and continued watching TV.

Imagine my surprise when I turned my head and my glasses fell off my face. The right arm had lost its screw, which is what I’d felt earlier. Of course, I couldn’t find the tiny screw. I’m so happy I had not only one, but two pairs of spare bifocals. The broken pair is under warranty for a few more months from the discount eye wear store, so they will put a new screw in them at no charge. In the meantime, I have another pair to wear immediately and third pair in case I need them. With my luck, I may need them.

Another pair of glasses broke a few months ago, and I had misplaced my spare pair. I still haven’t found them.  I was forced to make do with an old pair of single vision glasses for distance and my unassisted eyes for reading and computer work. It didn’t work out very well. So for me, three pairs of bifocal glasses is a good idea. I also have two pairs of computer glasses.  Yes, it seems excessive, but I have the most interesting luck of anyone I know.

I always try to prepare for any contingency. I make certain I have enough food and water in my house to last for a week in case of emergency. I do my best to keep my car’s gas tank full. I know where my flashlights, lanterns, and candles are located and can easily access them. Thanks to my penchant for planning, I should always be able to see. It pays to be prepared.

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