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Author Spotlight, Kathleen Garnsey

I joined my first writers group in 2009. Through my connections with that group, I met writers from other groups, some of which I joined. I also began attending a local women’s writers retreat twice a year (COVID notwithstanding). It was at my very first writers retreat that I met Kathleen Garnsey who immediately hugged me and welcomed me to the retreat. She was friendly and helpful. By the time I’d known her a day, I knew she was someone I’d count among my treasured friends.

It is my honor to present April’s Ozarks Maven Author Spotlight, Kathleen Garnsey!

Author Kathleen Garnsey

Ozarks Maven Author Spotlight Interview

1. For those readers who are unfamiliar with you, please tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Michigan, but my parents moved to California when I was three. I lived in California, married and had my children there. Then in 1987, we all moved to Missouri. My husband and I bought a 60 acre farm in Bruner and happily lived there with all the cows and our horses until we moved to Ozark. Farming becomes difficult the older you get! lol

My husband passed away in 2018. We were married for 51 years, and I miss him every day, but life goes on. I am still getting used to living alone. I’ll get there. It just takes some time.

2. What kinds of writing do you enjoy?

I enjoy many kinds of writing, but I still prefer to write futuristic romance. I just like creating my own worlds, governments, traditions, animals, and everything around them. No one can tell me I’m wrong because they are my worlds. I just need to remember what I say and remain consistent. One example is instead of saying married, I say life-mated. My problem is I forget then have to do a search and find for married and change it to life-mated. Thank heaven for search and find–a writer’s best friend!

I like mystery writing, but I can’t seem to stay in this galaxy! I enjoy that other world life too much. I send them on adventures liked Indiana Jones. They ride Esroths, which is horse backwards, but I added the “t” to make it sound better. Many of the words I use are simply our words written backwards. Weta Nichols was the founder of ORA, so in her honor I created the cutest wild animal that turned out to be the heroine’s pet after she saved it. The animal was an Atew, and he looked like the cutest little Teddy Bear you ever saw. The Atew made the trip in the heroine’s saddle bag—too bad he did not behave himself all the time. He loved making trouble. 3. What do you enjoy most about the writing process?

I think I enjoy the creation part the best. Part of that is actual plotting, part of that just happens as you write. I usually see my story unfolding in my mind like a movie, and I simply write down what I see. I also enjoy creating the relationship between the hero and heroine, and playing that push-pull game that all the couples play. Writing is a lot of work, but it is well worth it when you finally type, “The End”.

4. When did you start writing?

On the first Thanksgiving in Missouri, I was at my in-laws’ as always. I was bored to tears, so I got to talking to my sister-in-law, Flora Opal, a member of the just formed Ozarks Romance Authors. I began critiquing her work and continued to do so for nearly a year. Then one day I sat down and said to myself, “I can do this!” and I began to write my own book. MY first book is still sitting around somewhere since I never published it. I wrote a contemporary romance that included a murder mystery for the hero and heroine to solve. Good story, but it needs too much help right now. Then I slipped into futuristic romance because Flora had done that herself. I didn’t do it just because she did. I fell into it because it felt right, and I loved the premise–you create everything! Right up my alley! lol

8. Does your past employment experience ever make its way into your books?

Early on when I thought I would write about what I knew, yes. I owned a restaurant–ice cream parlor, and I started a story based on that. However, I did not finish that story. But you never know about the future. lol

9. What inspires you?

In the beginning I loved going to critique groups. When I left, I would be inspired. Hearing my work and my friends’ work read aloud and discussed always made me want to rush home, make the changes, and create new chapters for them to read. I think it is important to participate in a group if you can. It is always interesting to hear how many points of view there are about what you did. Don’t make everyone’s suggestions happen. Think it over and do what is right for your story. It is still YOUR story.

Going to the monthly meetings of Sleuths’ Ink and Ozarks Romance Authors keeps me going. I have made good friends in both groups and enjoy seeing and talking with them. Love my friends!

10. What made you decide to write about the subjects or themes of your books?

I have no idea really. I just think and play the, “What if?” game. Personally, I like writing something in my futuristic romances that is totally different and makes people really think and ask, “Could that happen?” If I can accomplish that, I did my job.

11. Have you met any interesting people while researching your books?

Absolutely! From Librarians to current friends and authors I have talked to during my writing process. Research is different now with Google and all the search engines. Or just ask Siri, and she’ll tell you what you don’t know!

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