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Author C.A. Simonson will be October’s Author Spotlight

It’s finally time for Ozarks Maven’s October Author Spotlight! This is my favorite section of each month. This month I’m spotlighting an Ozarks author I’ve never actually met in person. We know many of the same people, and we’ve been seeing each other’s social media comments for years.

I’ve enjoyed chatting with this interesting lady. Learn a little about her in today’s post, and be sure to come back on Thursday for her author interview.

Now, it’s my great pleasure to introduce October’s Ozarks Maven Author Spotlight, C.A. Simonson.

C.A. Simonson began writing and submitting articles on what she knew as a teacher and overseer of Christian education, how to motivate teachers and help children learn. Soon, she was churning out articles on a regular basis. It was not until her children were grown that she decided to write a novel as a legacy for them. Love’s Journey HomeThe Search for Love was her debut novel based on true events from her immediate and extended families. It was published in 2013 as a YA Romance/Adventure/Coming-of-Age book. Love Looks Back: The Search for Siblings is a cozy mystery and family drama. One reviewer said, “It combines mystery and intrigue with family drama.”  The third book in the trilogy is Love’s Amazing Grace: The Reunion, which brings all siblings back together again during the WWII era.

Her fourth YA novel, RUNAWAY, published in 2019, highlights the plight of runaway and throwaway children, the problems of foster care and adoption. It is a message of hope and love in the midst of despair. This book has won several awards including the Literary Titan Gold award.

Simonson has also has compiled an anthology of flash fiction of stories written in twenty-six sentences from A-Z entitled A Quick Read: One Minute Stories from all over the World. Other nonfiction books published are an inspirational devotion book, a food tips book, two children’s activity books, and a Christmas novella.

Retired from a career as a computer teacher, she devotes her time to writing, research, and assisting other authors in self-publication. When Candy is not writing or plotting another story, she enjoys quilting, crafting, playing piano, and fishing in their backyard pond. She lives in the Midwest in the beautiful Ozarks. Her award-winning poetry and stories are published in seven anthologies, and more than 400 articles in online content and magazines nationwide. She is the current vice-president of Springfield Writers’ Guild, having served on the Board for close to ten years.

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