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An Eclipse and Good Friends

Did you see the solar eclipse? We didn't have 100% totality here, but it was pretty close. We had over 90% totality.

I prepared and was excited to see it because it's the last solar eclipse that will be visible from here until 2044. I may not be around in twenty years, so I didn't want to miss this one. Unfortunately, I forgot my eclipse glasses.

I had planned so well. I'd ordered a 10-pack of glasses that I planned to share with my coworkers. When I arrived at the office and told my work friend that I'd forgotten them, I was close to panic. She listened to me freak out for a moment and then told me that another work friend was bringing three pairs of glasses -- one for each of us.

While we still had work to do and typical Monday stuff with which to deal, we took a couple of breaks to go outside and enjoy the eclipse together. Thankfully, the phone was pretty quiet during that time. (We left the door open, so we'd be able to hear it.) Only one person called during the eclipse. Since I was closest to the door, I ran inside (literally) to answer it.

After I answered the man's question, he asked if I knew there was an eclipse happening as we spoke. I assured him that I knew and was hoping to get back outside to see it at its fullest. Because he's a genuinely nice man who hadn't realized I couldn't see the sun from my desk, he told me to hurry outside and bid me farewell.

Sporting our borrowed eclipse glasses, my work friends and I had a wonderful, bonding experience. We tried to get pictures of the amazing sight we were enjoying, but our smart phones simply weren't up to the task.

While I would have been thrilled to have the day off to enjoy with eclipse, I'm a responsible adult and went to work where I was needed. That said, I can't think of better company with whom to enjoy such an event as my two dear work friends.

This may be the very first time I've said this on a Monday, but it was a really good day.

How was your day?

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