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A Wonderful Weekend Followed by a Miserable Monday

I had a wonderful weekend! Saturday, my sister, Mom, and I took our girls’ day out road trip that we had to reschedule due to my illness the weekend before. My sister drove us in her Chevy Equinox, which is quite a comfortable ride.

We started out with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. After eating our fill of pancakes and bacon, we headed to one of my favorite stores in Springfield – Barnes & Noble. After I chose several cozy mysteries and a book on Egyptian mythology, we made our way to Macy’s. I had a credit on my account from Christmas, and I wanted to use it. I scored some great jewelry from the clearance rack including a cute little ring in my size. It’s not easy finding rings that fit me because I wear a size 6, and size 7 seems to be the norm.

Feeling nearly euphoric with my haul thus far, we moseyed on to Penney’s. That’s where some magic happened. Both my sister and I found some amazing deals from their huge clearance section. Then we found a display of our favorite jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt’s Amanda, and they were even on sale. My sister also found a cute pair of shoes. Mom even found a pair of pants for herself. On the way out, I found the perfect wristwatch on sale for $10.00. Mom had coupons that made everything even better deals.

After all that shopping, we were pretty hungry. While discussing our food options, I mentioned that Springfield, Missouri is famous for cashew chicken, and the city boasts amazing Chinese food in general. We found a fantastic restaurant called Lucy’s Chinese Food where we indulged in lots of fabulous cuisine and even more laughs. We couldn’t leave Springfield without a little something from Andy’s Frozen Custard.

The dairy wasn’t great for my lingering cough, so we stopped at McDonalds on our way out of town for drinks. I went inside to buy our beverages because the drive-thru was super busy. This is where the funniest part of our trip occurred. I waited and waited to have someone come over to the counter to take my order. A young woman finally approached and asked how she could help me. I ordered my sister and I each a drink (Mom didn’t want one), and she told me how much I owed her.

I handed her a $5.00 bill. A young man joined her at the counter, telling her he was there to take over. She handed him my money, and he typed in the amount. The drawer opened, and the manager told the young man to go clock out. Another young man came to the counter, and the one who had my money handed it to him. The third person to help me gave me my change and handed me two empty cups. It took three people to take my order and payment, and I had to fill my own glasses.

When I made it back to the SUV, Mom and my sister asked what took so long. I told them about my experience and then explained that the drinks are self-serve. They laughed so hard, I’m surprised they weren’t crying. We were so tickled by the story that we told my hubby when we got home.

Once back in Joplin, we stopped by Books a Million, one of my happy places, and then Shoe Carnival. Mom actually found a decent pair of shoes for me with arch support. My sister also found a nice pair of shoes there. All in all, we had a marvelous time together, and we all brought treasures home.

As if the weekend wasn’t great enough, on Sunday my husband fixed my car. The driver’s door handle had stopped opening the door from the outside. That means I was opening my car from the passenger side, reaching across the cabin to pull the driver’s door handle, and then walking back around to the driver’s side to get into my car. That went on for a week, and it was extremely frustrating.

Following my wonderful weekend was a miserable Monday. My car didn’t want to start and then the check engine light came on during my drive to work. When I finally made it to the office, I discovered that someone had stolen one of our big box work trucks. While dealing with the repairman for our cut fence, my coworker determined the water pump on my car had decided to give up the ghost.

The day didn’t improve much until the afternoon when a mechanic friend of my husband’s talked to me, making me feel a little better. Then a nice lady called the office to tell us she knew where our box truck had been abandoned. We notified the police who met one of our people at the site.

Our work truck has been towed to the shop for repairs, and I’ve made arrangements for my own precious Black Pearl to be fixed. My husband insists that it’s time to replace my beloved Pearl, but I’m not convinced. I haven’t seen a single new car that can compare with my ten-year-old Charger.

For now, I’m looking forward to a new day and hoping for the best. I will be driving my husband’s truck for a bit, so please be extra nice to him if you see him. He’s not thrilled about me being behind the wheel of his Ram.

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