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A Weekend Full of Family Time

I love my family. Spending time with them is very important to me. This past weekend was filled with family time, both joyful and sorrowful.

My weekend began with a funeral on Friday. One of the sweetest, most nurturing people to ever walk the earth, my cousin had a lasting impact on countless people. She passed away after a very long illness in February, was cremated, and then interred last Friday when all of her children and grandchildren could attend.

Listening to her son tell stories of her life, I saw her in a new light. I didn't know that she coached soccer from a wheelchair when she broke her hip. I didn't know she was so active with the Boys and Girls Club or the Scouts. However, I knew she lived her life serving others.

I knew that she was extremely active in her church. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of people who attended church with her over the years, and they couldn't say enough wonderful things about her.

While funerals are solemn occasions, they are the only time I see some of my family members. I saw aunts and uncles, as well as some cousins who I haven't laid eyes on in the past thirty years or more. I didn't recognize most of them, but they didn't know me, either. Time has a way of doing that. I hope we can connect under pleasant circumstances.

I left the cemetery shortly after the service to go home and be a nana. My hubby and I kept our oldest grandson overnight on Friday and had big plans. After dinner at the restaurant of our boy's choice, we took the young man to see the new Ghost Busters movie.

Being a seven-year-old boy, he didn't understand why there were so many previews and commercials. The movie, which was supposed to start at 7:10 p.m. didn't let out until well past 9:30 p.m. because there was over half an hour of previews, and he was completely tuckered out. Until we got home. Then he found his second wind.

Saturday morning, I had a triple schedule conflict. In other words, I was supposed to be in three different places at the same time. That meant when I received a last-minute invitation to go to the petting zoo with my grandkids, I couldn't go. However, I'm hopeful another trip is on the horizon soon.

My hubby and I went to Mom's on Sunday to see some cousins from out of state who I hadn't seen in probably ten years. My brother-in-law grilled some chicken and veggies while Mom, my sister, and I put together everything else. Lunch was amazing. Then when my cousins arrived, we had high tea with the best lemon tarts I've ever tasted. They were compliments of my sister's culinary wizardry.

After my whirlwind weekend, Monday roared into my life far too early. Regardless of my exhaustion, spending time with my family was worth it.

What did you do over the weekend?

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