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A Respite to Recharge My Batteries

I think it’s important to relax and decompress every now and then. I turned another year older on Saturday. When my husband asked me what I would like do, I realized that all I really wanted to do was relax. I didn’t want to go anywhere, think, argue, or play nice with anyone. I just wanted to do my best potato impression on the couch.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all of the bombardments in our lives. I’ve been stressed and feeling inundated by everything lately. I work full time, belong to three writer’s groups, have a household of five, and occasionally take care of family members who live outside my home. My calendar is so full that I’m accidentally double booking appointments and forgetting obligations. I had to do some serious juggling just to spend one day with my best friend. Spending time with her did wonders for my spirit, but I was still mentally and emotionally exhausted.

I decided it was time for a respite before I lost my cognitive faculties or my sunny disposition. I spent two days away from my laptop and society to give my brain a rest. I still checked Facebook due to the many birthday notifications I was receiving, but I didn’t check my email a single time. I didn’t read the news. I didn’t check my Twitter or Instagram accounts. I didn’t work on my novel, my blog, or my various short prose projects. I didn’t check on any marketing opportunities. I didn’t go to the grocery store, the Post Office, or the bank.

What I did was stretch out on my couch with my trusty Kindle and read an entire book while sipping ice cold Diet Coke. When I finished my book, I started another one. I’ve read 40% of that one so far. I read for so long that my Kindle battery died twice. I have a Kindle Fire, and its battery lasts for several hours. It takes a lot of reading to run it out of juice.

My family came over on Sunday afternoon. We ate pizza and strawberry birthday cake. They reminded me that I’m loved. They stayed for a couple hours before returning to their own lives. After they left, I read some more until my hubby asked me to watch a movie with him while we ate the dinner that he cooked. He cooked for me all weekend. Yeah, he’s a keeper.

He knows just what to rent. I like comedies, and my honey rented one just for me. We watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I really enjoyed it. I laughed so hard that I snorted a few times. It’s one of those movies that kept me entertained the entire time. I actually closed my Kindle and put it on the charger for the duration of the movie, which is unusual for me. I usually read or write while my honey and I watch TV or movies at home.

Jack Black is a very talented actor, and he pulled off his role flawlessly in my opinion. I don’t know how he was able to keep a straight face. The entire cast was great, but if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about. I’m planning to buy the movie very soon because it’s one I will watch over and over again.

I still feel a little stressed when I look at all of the commitments on my calendar for the next two months, but my assertive tendencies have returned. I know I can handle all of my upcoming obligations with my usual aplomb. All I needed was a couple days respite, some Diet Coke, and a funny movie.

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