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A Productive Doctor’s Appointment

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. Because I’m of a certain age, I needed my first shingles vaccine. My doctor warned me in advance that the shot was likely to make me sick, but it would be much better than having shingles. Having observed two people for whom I care suffer through the disease, I opted to take my chances with the vaccine. I discussed missing the day of work with my boss in advance, so there were no surprises at the office.

My friendly medical professional was correct, and the shot gave me a big ol’ case of gastroenteritis. I was wise to grab my breakfast and coffee and then hurry home after my visit. The side effects hit me within an hour of getting home and lasted well into the afternoon. Thankfully, I was prepared and had supplies on hand.

In addition to getting my shot, I had lab work done and talked to my doctor about a sleep issue I’ve been having. I wake up several times a night for no apparent reason and have difficulty going back to sleep. I can’t stay asleep long enough to get enough REM, which means I’m exhausted and have brain fog most of the time. I compensate by consuming too much caffeine first thing of a morning, which isn’t healthy.

She suggested a reasonably priced over the counter supplement, which she assured me was safe, to deal with my issue. Her propensity for suggesting easily obtained, common sense solutions in lieu of high-priced pharmaceuticals is the main reason I stay with her. I appreciate the fact she isn’t one of those doctors who pushes prescriptions at me like they’re candy. I had one of those before, and I vowed to never have a doctor who does that again.

I’ve been a sleepwalker since I was small child, and the thought of using a sleeping pill that might exacerbate that trait didn’t set well with me. I’m not fond of the thought of waking up while standing in the kitchen or driving my car. I know some prescription sleep medications do exactly that.

Not only did we discuss my sleep issue, but we also talked about an upcoming invasive test I was supposed to schedule. I told her how concerned I was about the procedure. She asked me some questions, and we weighed my options. She offered an alternative that we’re going to try before going the invasive route. She set me up to take the same test she took, herself, which gives me confidence in its validity. I’m so glad I mentioned my trepidation to her.

After my stomach issues eased a bit this afternoon, I decided to make a Walmart pickup order, so I could begin my sleep supplement tonight. I hate having someone else gather my merchandise and bring it to me, but I didn’t trust my tummy to be calm long enough to grab what I need before being forced to run to the nearest restroom. It’s a super center, after all.

As you may know, Walmart requires a minimum $35.00 order to bring your items to your car, or they’ll charge you a delivery fee. Therefore, I ordered things I didn’t need quite yet but will require within the next few weeks. I always try to be efficient and never pay extra fees if I can avoid it.

I drove to my local Walmart at the appointed time and checked in. After an unusually lengthy wait, a young woman approached my window. I rolled it down, and she said something I didn’t understand. She was visibly irritated when I asked her to repeat herself. (She was a very fast talker.) She then told me nice and loudly that they substituted an item and asked if I wanted it.

I asked her which item was substituted, but she didn’t seem to understand my question. She just kept telling me it was the same thing in a different color. By this point, I was becoming irked. I plainly asked one more time what product was substituted. She withdrew a bottle of foundation that was most definitely not my color – it was about three shades too dark.

“It’s the same thing you ordered, but a different color,” she said. “Is that okay?”

I responded that it absolutely was not okay. Why would I buy makeup that isn’t my color? Foundation is supposed to match your skin tone. If it’s too light or too dark, you don’t look right. Would she have accepted such a substitution had our roles been reversed? Would anyone? She huffed, but she finally removed the item from my order and dropped my bag in the trunk.

I did get the correct sleep supplement, and I will give it a try tonight. If all goes well, I will feel like a new person tomorrow and will be able to laugh at the silly young lady who thought it was okay to bring me makeup that would make me look like I’d had an accident in a tanning bed.

If I ever do curbside pickup again, I will make certain to check the box that denies substitutions. I forgot this time. At least they got my sleep supplement right. That is the reason I created the order, after all. Everything else was just gravy.

I am so thankful for my doctor who listens to me and works to make my quality of life the very best it can be. I hope you all have a health professional like her.

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