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A Great Friend, Car Repair, and Cookies

Friends make life worth living and the world a better place. I’m blessed to have several amazing friends. Some of them are handy and have really big hearts. I was reminded of how truly special that is today.

My windshield washers on my car haven’t worked in about a year. They’re located on the the hood of my car and are supposed to squirt the cleaner up onto the windshield. Instead, they’ve been barely spurting cleaner onto the hood. So, I have been using the gas station squeegee when I fill my tank and a paper towel with Windex between fill-ups. Our parking lot at work gets a ton of dust from the recycling company next door, so my car is usually dirty during the work week.

I was visiting with a friend today and mentioned how I needed to buy a squirt bottle to fill with windshield washer fluid and keep in the car for quick cleaning.

He narrowed his eyes and said, “Wait.” He shook his head. “What are you going to do?” Then he looked at me with that indulgent smile of his and said, “Give me your keys. I’ll take a quick look.”

I followed him outside, but he assured me that he had everything covered. I know my curiosity often gets the best of me, and I can be a hinderance when someone is trying to fix something. I do learn a lot by being so curious, but he was doing me a favor by looking at my car. I didn’t want to crowd him. So, I left him to take his quick look and resumed what I was doing prior to our conversation.

He came back inside and asked me the year model of my car, which he wrote down. He showed me the broken piece from my windshield washer system and told me he’d be right back. He returned a few minutes later and didn’t even come inside. I glanced out the window to check on him just in time to see my washers squirting fluid nice and high on my windshield. Watching that cleaner hit my dirty glass was like seeing rain in the desert. It lifted my spirits and reminded me of what a great friend I have.

I went outside to thank him, and he handed me a bag from an auto parts store with another replacement part. They’re sold in pairs, so now I have an extra. I’ve been dreading putting my car in the shop for this repair for months, and my wonderful friend fixed it in less than half an hour with a $20.00 part. That same repair would likely have cost me well over $100.00 at the repair shop.

I offered to write him a check, but he told me I could just wait and give him cash when I see him again in a few days. I’ll reimburse him for the parts he purchased, but he won’t let me pay him for his time. Instead, he has asked me to make him some brown butter bourbon cookies.

I’m intrigued by the recipe and happy to make them for such a sweet guy. Great friends like him make my life better and bring a smile to my face. Now, I just need to find a nice bottle of Kentucky Bourbon so I can make his cookies.

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