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A Good Eye Doctor Makes All the Difference

Finding the best health care professionals is a daunting task. I see several types of doctors. I love all of my current doctors who, in my opinion, go above and beyond for me. Thanks to changes in the law over the past few years and a health condition from which I suffer, I’m required to see certain professionals far more often than normal people. One of those things I’m required to do is have an eye exam every year.

I saw Dr. Rebecca Stilley several times over the years while she was with Walmart in Webb City. She was always both thorough and kind. I didn’t see her last year because I actually had vision insurance, and she wasn’t a listed provider. I didn’t buy vision insurance this year, and I wanted to see Dr. Stilley again. She isn’t with Walmart anymore, so I tracked her down. She and her husband have started their own practice called Stilley Eye Associates. Their office is inside Eyemart Express in Joplin.

Even though it upsets me that the insurance company has been hollering at me to have my eye exam for the year, I truly needed to have one this time. I’ve been struggling with seeing my computer and tablet lately. I have an office job and I’m also a writer, so I look at a computer screen for 12 to 15 hours a day. Not being able to see it clearly was impeding my efficiency. It was also frustrating me to the point where I was losing my creative mojo. Therefore, I wanted computer glasses. My bifocals are great, but I give myself whiplash trying to see a computer screen with them because I have to tip my head back so far. It’s a literal pain the neck, so I’ve been going without.

I had my exam last week. Dr. Stilley took her time and worked with me to make sure she got my prescription perfect. She even took me out into the store, sat me down at one of their computers, and had me use different powers of lenses to determine which ones worked best. She used this method on one eye at a time for accuracy.

It turns out the reason I suffer blurry computer vision is my astigmatism in my left eye throws off my awesome nearsightedness. Therefore, my left and right lenses are different powers and my left lens needs to be special. I wondered why the reading glasses I bought at the drug store didn’t work, and now I know. My eyes don’t match. It’s just another thing that makes me uniquely me.

Dr. Stilley gave me my prescription and told me that I could take it anywhere I wanted. She didn’t expect me to buy my glasses from Eyemart Express, but I was welcome to do so if I desired. I decided to go ahead and buy from them because they could have my glasses ready for me the same day. I desperately needed to write over the weekend. My book isn’t writing itself.

The glasses were reasonably priced and buy one get one free at Eyemart Express, but the anti-reflective coating was more than I was willing to pay. I bought my glasses without the coating so I could start using them right away. Then I ordered a pair from Zenni Optical. Their anti-reflective coating is free. This gives me a pair for work, a pair for home, and a pair for my purse. The ones from Zenni Optical also have blue light filters, which was only $17.00 extra.

Being able to see my computer clearly makes such a difference! I don’t have to put my face three inches from the screen anymore. My efficiency both at work and in my writing has already improved as a result of being able to see my screen and keyboard.

I’m so happy that I found my eye doctor again. Good doctors are worth their weight in gold, and I’m fortunate to have found a great optometrist. I CAN SEE!

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