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A Bad Dream and Daylight Savings Time Make for a Long Day

Daylight Savings Time always messes with me. The older I get, the worse it is. When I was younger, it would take me a day or two to adjust to the time change. Now it takes me at least a week to get my biorhythms back in sync. I have trouble sleeping on a regular basis, and adjusting my slumber time by an hour really takes a toll on my poor ol’ body.

Sunday night I didn’t sleep much at all. I woke up every hour or so. In the back of my mind I was worried about oversleeping despite the knowledge I set my alarm clock and made sure the time was correct. When I did finally get to sleep long enough to reach REM, I had a horrible nightmare about my boss hiring someone with whom I share a stormy past as my new assistant.

The worst part was my coworkers loved this person. I was suddenly an outsider in my own office. This person would never apply for the job in the first place, and my boss would certainly never hire them. Yet, I still woke up feeling betrayed and confused, even though I knew it would never happen.

I told the guys at work about my dream this morning, and they were all kind and supportive. They told me they would never treat me that way. My boss promised to not hire someone with whom I share such a history. Can you imagine the office tension? It would be palpable. I get along well with most people, but I think we all have that one person with whom we share a severe personality conflict.

We are hiring an assistant for me at some point in the near future. That part is real. I will be in on the interviewing and decision making process, which makes me feel better. I also have complete trust in my boss and his wisdom. Our office is so small that we all need to get along or everyone will be miserable for forty hours a week. Believe me, I’ve been there, done that, and bought the shirt.

I’ve always found it interesting to analyze dreams. I bought a book about it several years ago, but that didn’t make me an expert. I’m certainly no psychologist. Still, I think it’s safe to say that my nightmare was caused by a combination of upcoming changes in my work environment and Daylight Savings Time.

I’ve dealt with my exhaustion the best way I know — with caffeine. Yes, I know that could exacerbate my issue, but I had to be a functional person at work today. I plan to take a melatonin this evening about half an hour before I go to bed. With any luck, I will get some sleep and feel like myself tomorrow.

Does Daylight Savings Time mess with you, too?

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