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10 Things I Learned from My Grandchildren

We all have things to learn. We should strive to learn something new every day.

I learn a great deal through my job and my various pursuits. I have learned surprising things from my grandchildren. Looking at the world through innocent eyes puts things in perspective for me. Sometimes the little ones have much to teach us. My grandchildren have taught me to see the simple things in a new light.

Ten Things I Learned from My Grandchildren 1. Don’t wear hoop earrings. Little fingers naturally grab shiny round things and pull. Trust me. 2. Always put your hair up. Nothings hurts quite like small hands wrapped around and through your long hair. 3. A sand pail full of plastic balls equals hours of entertainment. Just don’t get your face too close. 4. No matter the time of day or the weather, outside is better than inside. 5. It is possible to assume yoga poses while removing a turkey from the oven – especially if your grandson is running full tilt toward the hot open oven and you are holding a sizzling 20 pound bird. 6. Never walk through the house barefoot in the dark. There is always at least one stray block or plastic puzzle piece that hides during the cleanup process, yet finds its way to the middle of the floor under the cover of darkness. 7. Protect your glasses or they may be ripped off your face with scary ninja speed and go flying across the room. 8. Vacuum cleaners and brooms are fascinating. 9. Dish towels are more fun to play with than expensive toys. 10. Hats are frightening.


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