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Why I’m Grateful to Need Some Home Repairs

Have you ever noticed that when one thing goes wrong in your home, several things go wrong?

I’m in the midst of that right now. Our furnace barely made it through the winter and needs replaced. We have some plumbing that needs replaced. We have four cracked kitchen tiles, and the grout is gone is multiple places. Our dryer decided to slip into a coma today.

I love owning my own property. I enjoy making the decisions regarding my property and knowing no one else’s opinion matters because it belongs to my husband and me. I love knowing that some day we will own our home free and clear. The only time I miss the days of renting is when home repairs spring up when I least expect them.

My husband and I can take care of these repairs, but it means we don’t get to take a nice a vacation this year. Again. We’ve been shooting for two things for the past several years, an Alaskan cruise and a trip to Yellowstone National Park. We’d already moved our plans down from one of the aforementioned ones to a trip to Texas. Now Texas will also have to wait.

My husband thinks he can fix the dryer himself, which will save us a ton of money over hiring a handyman. We’ve been saving money for the new furnace, and winter is still a few months away. Our plumbing still works, just very slowly. Yes, we’ve used Drano. The tile looks terrible and crunches when we walk across it, but replacing it is no emergency.

All of these things are hassles, but I’m grateful for the fact my home has thus far survived the terrible tornado and flooding outbreak we’ve experienced this spring. Repairs, such as the ones we need to make, are to be expected. Nothing lasts forever.

So many people in my vicinity have lost their homes or have homes that have suffered severe damage. Many are forced to stay with others or in hotels while they figure out how to repair or rebuild their homes. My heart goes out to them.

Instead of moping around thinking about how much money everything is going to cost and what we’ll sacrifice in order to pay for it, I’m thankful to have a home. I would far rather figure out how to pay for a few repairs than how to be build another house.

Count your blessings, my friends! You may find more reasons to smile than you first imagined. Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! If you’ve enjoyed my little seeds of wisdom and joy, please subscribe to Ozarks Maven, Like Ozarks Maven on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @OzarksMaven.

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