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This Cinderella is Going to the Ball!

I’m attending my very first ball this weekend. But wait, there’s more. It’s being held in a castle, and I will be one of several authors selling and signing books during the event! I will be signing my book, Moonbeams and Ashes. I’m so excited that I can barely contain myself.

I grew up on the classic fairytales and nursery rhymes. Cinderella was my favorite because she was able to make it to the ball despite being forbade to go, having her dress ruined, and her spirit crushed. I always wanted to be there at that beautiful dance with her. Now, I’m planning to attend my first. I feel like I’ve come full circle.

The event is called The Great Imposter Ball, and it’s being held at Chateau Charmant, a castle in the Fordland, Missouri area. Costumes are highly encouraged. We are supposed to dress up as a character from a book or film or as an author. Here’s a link where you can learn more about this amazing free event:

The proprietor has generously invited authors to have book tables during the ball where the revelers can purchase some wonderful books. I enthusiastically accepted her invitation. Even if I don’t sell a single book, I’ll be spending the evening in a castle. My inner little girl who aspired to be a princess is giddy. It’s as close to my own fairytale as I will ever come.

I haven’t completely decided upon a costume yet. At the moment, I’m waffling between Little Red Riding Hood and Lady MacBeth. I know, there’s quite a difference between the two. Of course, I may wake up in the morning with a fabulous costume idea that blows them both out of the water. For now, those are my front runners.

Whatever I end up wearing, I know I’m going to have a great time. First of all, it’s in a castle. Secondly, I will be there with a few of my loved ones and several of my author friends. Thirdly, people will be dressed up and having fun. This is just what I need to shake off my lingering winter blues.

I have a few days before the event. Who do you think I should be?

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