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The Wedding was Lovely

I had a lovely weekend. I attended my cousin’s wedding on Saturday where I was able to visit with some family members I hadn’t seen in far too long. My sister, brother-in-law, husband, and Mom all attended the blessed event, as well. We took two cars with me driving my Charger.

My navigation system was a little off, so my turn into the church parking lot was taken at a much higher rate of speed than is advisable. My sister was right behind me and forced to do the same thing. Mom, who was in my sister’s SUV, mentioned kissing the ground as she exited the vehicle.

The church was lovely. The decorations were elegant and beautiful. We parked outside the basement doors, which meant we had to climb a long flight of stairs to get to the sanctuary. Mom’s knee has been bothering her, so I walked up the middle of the staircase beside her in case she stumbled. There was a distinguished looking man in a nice suit standing at the top of the stairs waiting for us to make our ascent before he began his descent.

Mom made it up the stairs just fine. I, however, did not. I caught the heel of my shoe on the top step and tumbled into the man at the top of the stairs. He caught me with ease, like catching falling people was a normal thing for him. Then he said, “If you fall, I will catch you.”

I thanked the man, apologized, and proceeded to the sanctuary with haste because the wedding was supposed to start within five minutes of this incident. Imagine my surprise when my rescuer emerged from a side door and walked up to the pulpit. Yes, I had managed to fall into the preacher. I’m so glad he caught me instead of tumbling down that long flight of stairs with me. That could have put a wrench in things.

The ceremony was beautiful, and I managed to not cry. The happy couple beamed at each other as they recited their vows. Their love for each other emitted from them in waves during their simple, perfect ceremony. I’ve never seen a happier couple.

I enjoyed the reception so much. The family had really pulled out all the stops for food. We had two different kinds of meat, pasta, vegetables, bread, cupcakes, several types of candy, cookies, and of course, wedding cake. The best part of the whole trip was visiting with the newly wedded couple and the other wedding guests.

We couldn’t let them get away without giving them a bit of a hard time. We filled the happy couple’s car full of balloons and tied ribbons and tissue paper pom poms to the mirrors, door handles, and wipers blades. We pelted them with birdseed as they exited the church and then blew bubbles at them. I’m confident in saying they felt our love.

We’ve all had a rough year. My cousin’s wedding was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and reaffirm my belief that there’s still great joy in the world. I think most of the other wedding guests felt the same way.

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