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The pre-travel preparations are more stressful than the actual travel.

Generally speaking, I don’t travel much. This year has been the exception. I’ve traveled so much in the past six months that I feel like I should have tires instead of feet. I get more stressed out while preparing for my trips than when I’m actually traveling.

I always seem to forget something important. When my husband and I arrived at our hotel on our wedding night many years ago, I realized that I had forgotten my toothbrush and hair brush. Our hotel wasn’t the type that kept things like that in stock for people to purchase. My poor hubby had to visit an all night grocery store to buy me new ones. He did so without complaint because he loves me.

I prefer to pack more than I could possibly need in case of emergency. I’m attending a writers conference this weekend, and I’m not sure what to expect in regards to attire. October weather is fickle, and I certainly don’t want to be dressed too warmly or too lightly. I also worry about being over or under dressed. I’ve strewn everything from t-shirts to my formal gown across my bed in an effort to make the perfect decisions. I’ve already ruled out the formal gown. It wrinkles way too easily.

Everything that can detain me happens when I’m rushing around trying to prepare to leave. As I write this, I have a ton of laundry to do so I can pack my suitcase, and the washer keeps unbalancing the load that someone else started before I got home an hour ago. Taco keeps needing to go outside, and he always comes to me for that. I’m his favorite human, and I sure can’t ignore his call of nature.

I’m very excited for this conference, and I pray that everyone has a wonderful time. I will get my laundry done, bag packed, and car loaded. It’s just the processes of getting everything marked off of my to-do list that causes me a great deal of anxiety. Is anyone else the same way?

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