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Sometimes Showing Love is as Simple as Ham and Beans

Ham and beans. It's a simple meal. While I enjoy it from time to time, I don't love it. My husband, however, loves ham and beans and wants it once a week. I don't make it nearly that often, but we do have it at least twice a month.

My hubby has been working a ton of extra hours the past week and will continue to do so for another couple of weeks due to being short staffed. He worked 7:00 a.m. to noon yesterday. When he got home, he changed clothes, and we went to visit my sweet granddaughter to buy some raffle tickets from her.

The moment we arrived at my stepson's house, my hubby's phone rang. He took the call. Then he took another and another. Finally, he told me we needed to go home so he could return to work. There were things that needed to be handled.

At that moment, our afternoon and evening plans were ruined. I felt terrible that not only was our visit with our family cut short, but dinner out, to which he was so looking forward, wasn't meant to be either.

Just before he left for work the second time, I told him I would make ham and beans for him, and they'd be ready when arrived home from work. The smile he gave me was one of pure gratitude and joy. He wasn't destined to have that steak he'd wanted, but he'd still have a delicious hot meal for dinner.

I didn't eat the ham and beans for dinner. Those were all for him because I love him.

The best food is always made with secret ingredient -- love.

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