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Rice for My Laptop

It would seem I’m having a run of bad luck at the moment. There are many reasons I say that, but we’ll stick with one for now.

I began a new endeavor last week, The Word of the Week video. I’ve uploaded two videos so far, and they’ve received a lot views with some positive feedback. I’m excited about this on-going project and finally figured out the best place in my house to make the video and the easiest way to make it.

I made my second video yesterday. After a few takes, I managed one that I liked. I posted my word video to my personal and author Facebook pages and to my TikTok account. I was so proud of myself for doing something techy. I was feeling really good until I got clumsy.

When I stood up, I knocked my full 30-ounce tumbler of Fresca over. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but my laptop caught the tumbler. I grabbed a towel and patted it dry. I shut it down as quickly as I could, but I’m afraid the damage may have been done.

I used my phone to look up some tutorials on what I should do, and all of them advised me to remove the battery before doing anything else. My battery is sealed, so I was confused.

I did what made the most sense ou to me at the time. I turned the laptop upside down, propping it on a pillow covered with a towel. I left it that way for approximately eighteen hours. I had it open to the air under a heating vent all day. I wondered about putting it in some rice, but I wasn’t sure.

Then I had lunch with one of our IT guys today and mentioned my issue. He told me that the rice treatment was absolutely a great idea, so I stopped at the store for the largest bag of rice they had. I ended up with two five-pound bags and a two-pound bag because it was more cost effective than buying one big bag. My computer is currently resting in a box with ten pounds of rice.

I won’t power it on until sometime tomorrow night. I may wait a couple of days to be on the safe side. All good vibes are appreciated. I really can’t afford to buy a new computer right now. It's only two years old, and I had planned to use it for at least five years.

In the meantime, I’m trying to use my old one, which I replaced due to its glitches. Believe me, being dormant in my study for two years has not improved its function one bit. The touch pad still doesn’t work. The thing takes half an hour to boot up. It loves freezing in the middle of me typing a sentence more than anything. It took three hours to update this evening before it would let me do a single thing.

Despite the fact I’m currently using a laptop that hates me and wearing much of today’s pot luck contribution, I’m hopeful tomorrow will be a great day. I pray my laptop to springs to life like it has never seen a tumbler full of Fresca.


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